If you attend Catholic services in Paris, Dover, Camden, Union City, Martin, Murray, Mayfield or any other place, Dan Jackson has declared you and your faith to be “stupid” for not allowing Catholic women to get abortions for rape and incest.

This is the same person who called Bruce Griffey a seven-day-a-week cross burner, yet he’s the one who takes a left turn into one of the Klan’s hate platforms.

First, the other items he wrote in his March 9 column.

• Mr. Jackson declared there was “segregation and suffocation” in religion, especially in the Roman Catholic Church, because "only men are allowed in top … (and) secondary leadership roles.”

It’s called religious doctrine, something the Catholic Church has declared to be unchangeable as a basis for the faith and of religious teaching.

Some branches of Conservative and Orthodox Judaism are segregated male/female during their services. It’s not a fad that is subject to opinion polls.

• “Build gymnasiums to keep people excited about attendance.”

It doesn’t explain why there are record numbers of people joining the Roman Catholic, Conservative Jewish and Fundamentalist Protestant faiths.

It is the more liberal religions that are losing attendance. The reason the others are gaining is because they are more conservative and believe in something, not because they have a good snack bar at halftime.

Now for the rest of Mr. Jackson’s hate screed.

In 1976, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that rape can’t be made punishable by the death penalty. Three years earlier, they ruled a baby conceived from rape could be executed for a crime someone else committed.

It’s not “freedom of choice,” not “reproductive freedom,” not “a woman’s right to control her own body” (which has long been disproven by DNA testing), not “it’s not a person yet,” not any one of any number of slogans and bumper stickers that have no basis in fact. It’s a baby being executed for a crime someone else committed.

Who would we have lost if they had been aborted only because they were conceived from a rape? Ethel Waters; Jesse Jackson; Eartha Kitt; Janet Sheen (wife of Martin, whom the left never mentions when listing his political views that he is also pro-life); Valerie Gatto, Miss Pennsylvania of 2014; and GOP U.S. Senate candidate Kathy Barnette, also of Pennsylvania.

Miss Barnette was conceived when her mother was 12 years old. Her family had, raised, kept and loved both baby and her mom.

The pro-abortion side has never understood any of that. There are three websites confirming that lack of understanding: Choices 4 Life, Hope After Rape Conception and Save the 1.

Why the name "Save The 1"? Because they are sick and tired of being the 1% (rape, incest, danger to the woman's health, child will be handicapped) that is used to justify the other 99%. The proof can be seen in history.

In 1938 England, Aleck Bourne did an abortion on a 14-year-old girl who had been raped. He turned himself in and, at his trial, was found not guilty. In 1967, abortion was legalized in England.

The year before the British counterpart to America’s National Right To Life was formed, the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) was organized. Who was one of the founding members? Aleck Bourne, who said at the time had he known abortion in England would be legalized because of what he did, he never would have done it.

Dan Jackson fired both barrels and knew who he was aiming at, namely 75 million Americans.

Former President Donald Trump’s slogan is MAGA,Make America Great Again. Let our slogan be MAPLA, Make America Pro-Life Again.

I'll close with this from Kathy Barnette, whose story can be found at barnetteforsenate.com: “Among Christians, even among staunch conservatives, an exception to the rule of being pro-life is in the case of rape, and yet my life has value. Not only did God see value in my life, my family saw value in my life.”


MICHAEL SKAGGS lives at 185 McClains Road, Paris. His email address is michaelskaggs11@yahoo.com. This column was submitted March 31, but lost in our computer system until now.

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