This is an open letter to U.S. House Speaker House Nancy Pelosi:

In your recent announcement regarding “starting” an investigation for impeachment of President Donald Trump, you made the statement, “No one is above the law.”

You presented this as if you believed it, and that everyone else should take it as a matter of common practice.

This leaves me with questions. First among them is: Do you really believe no one is above the law? No one suspected of a crime should be without an investigation to reveal the truth of the matter? No one found guilty of a crime should go unpunished? Is this what you believe? I wonder.

As president, Trump is commander-in-chief over more than just the military, he is commander-in-chief over all of the federal offices of law enforcement.

And as such, it would be a disservice of his office if he had knowledge of a crime and failed to have it investigated.

The subject of your “announcement” was a conversation Trump had wherein former Vice President Joe Biden and his son were supposedly talked about.

What you failed to connect with was that while holding the office of vice president, Joe Biden had some questionable interactions with officials of Ukraine.

Perhaps the conversation in question was Trump’s way of informal fact-finding to ascertain if there was a crime and who was involved in it.

But that was not the way you presented it. You started and ended with Trump, and your idea that he should be impeached for any fault you can imagine.

What about Biden? Does Trump have some inkling of collusion occurring with a foreign government as evidenced by the “payoff” Biden’s son received from Ukraine? Should this collusion be investigated?

If he did abuse the authority of his office while vice president, is Joe Biden above the law? If not, where is your outrage about his crime? Where is your official investigation of Biden and his son?

If no one is above the law is what you believe, then you should investigate the Bidens.

So, why are you investigating Trump?

Oh, yeah, you said Trump was using his office against an opposition party candidate for the 2020 presidential campaign.

Do you remember the 2016 campaign? And what came out during the Mueller “witch hunt” against Trump?

During the 2016 campaign, President Barack Obama maybe had not ordered it, but was privy to the bugging/eavesdropping on his opposition party’s candidate, Trump.

When Trump told the country his campaign had been bugged by Obama, I remember many Democrats expressing disbelief and suggestions that Trump was making it up.

Later, we have found out Trump was right. Someone high up in the Obama Administration had bugged their opposition party campaign, and Obama knew about it.

Where was your outcry about this misuse of the office of president by Obama? Is Obama above the law?

Were the people involved in this trying to use the government’s powers to affect the election and/or to obstruct the transition of power to the newly elected Trump and his administration?

Have you called for an investigation into this misuse of power?

If no one is above the law is what you believe, then you should investigate Obama.

Robert Mueller found no crimes to warrant the animosity, hostility, slander and investigation into either the Trump campaign or Trump himself. Yet, you, Pelosi, want to continue the witch hunt.

Mueller did not find the Russian collusion he and you liberals were hoping could be manufactured. But, Russian collusion was found.

2016 Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton paid for the Steele Dossier — you know, the one used to start the harassment of Trump, the Mueller investigation — the two-year performance that was to obstruct Trump’s administration.

She paid for Russian agents to make up this story. And members of the Obama Administration’s Justice Department brought it to the FISA court as if it were true, knowing full well that it was “trumped up.”

Where is your outrage against Clinton and the bad actors of the Obama Administration? Where is your outrage over real and actual collusion with agents of Russia? Where is your investigation of this matter?

If no one is above the law is what you believe, then you should investigate candidate Clinton.

If you want more misuse of office, I will remind you of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi affair; the unsecured e-mail server; and the “pay-to-play” racketeering scheme where foreign agents would pay the Clinton Foundation millions of dollars to get political favors from her office, including the uranium scandal.

How much influence did these millions of dollars buy? How much has our country lost to these foreign interests?

Foreign interests paying bribes to the secretary of state — is this collusion with foreign powers? How much have they co-opted our country?

More and more keeps coming out as Clinton’s past is investigated. Where is your outrage and your call to investigate Secretary of State Clinton?

If no one is above the law is what you believe, then you should investigate Clinton.

But we know that you don’t believe your fellow travelers should be accountable to the laws.

That is why you won’t bring charges or accusations against your fellow Democrats. Because to you, they are above the law.


TO BE continued next week.


PAUL FROWNFELTER of Henry County is a member of the local Volunteers for Freedom Tea Party. His email address is

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