One of the obstacles that arise when discussing issues with those on the Left is their abandonment of rational thought for feelings.

It is a challenge to use intellectual arguments to persuade someone with respect to the fallacy of a position they hold that is in direct contradiction to logic.

In order to mask their intellectual depravation, Leftists typically default both to deception and to strident protestations that their dogmas cannot be questioned.

They further shroud their indoctrination – especially within the Educational Establishment – with labels that mean the exact opposite in Leftist practice.

For example, the entire diversity/multicultural/inclusive/tolerance/affirmative action agenda is but a sheepskin over the ravenous wolves of racism, intolerance, bigotry, perversity, ignorance, hatred and destruction.

At their heart, Leftists seek to undermine and overthrow the tenets not only of Christianity and conservative principles, but also of rational thought and common sense.

Leftists indoctrinate the populace to rely on misdirected “feelings” and fallacious reasoning to affect outcomes that go against our best interests.

If you are in need of a surgeon, would you prefer the best surgeon available or the surgeon who checked off the most boxes for skin pigmentation, sexual perversity and Leftist ideology?

Do you want a skilled mechanic working on your car or a transsexual gender studies major?

If your son is a soldier wounded in combat, do you want a fellow soldier beside him who can carry him to safety or a feminist who is only there because the Army eliminated the physical standards that prevented women from serving in physically demanding combat roles?

How about when our nation’s security is dependent on an elite military force rapidly marching 50 miles over rough terrain while carrying 130 pounds of equipment on their back (an actual example) and then engaging the enemy?

Does it make sense to incorporate a 110-pound woman into this unit, all in the name of “breaking down gender barriers”?

How about teaching your children? Or governing our country?

Does it really matter whether you vote for a politician who supports ripping the limbs from babies while they are alive in their mothers’ wombs and then selling the babies organs?

What does it really matter if politicians vote to increase runaway government spending — leading to the devaluation of our currency and eventual bankruptcy — not to mention all of the intrusions on our God-given liberties by increased bureaucracy?

When your government tax return is reviewed, or should you ever have a legal matter requiring redress in the judicial system, should it be done by rabid Leftists seeking to punish any who disagree with their radical ideology or by those committed to uphold the rule of law?

As for the school principal overseeing the education of your impressionable young child, would you prefer a God-fearing conservative or a cross-dressing “transgender” (again, an actual example)?

As for school board members, would you rather elect those that support the former or the latter?

If a loved one is in need of psychological counseling, would you prefer they are treated by some virtue-signaling rabid Leftist who will encourage their self-actualization as a “victim” in “need” of “embracing” their abnormalities or by someone who understands right from wrong?

Would you rather local law enforcement be staffed by law-abiding citizens who support our God-given constitutionally protected freedoms or by illegal aliens who reject the rule of law or Islamists seeking to forcefully impose Sharia?

Do you wish to deposit the earnings from your labor in a bank controlled by those who respect private property rights or in a Leftist wealth-redistribution center?

When it comes to employees for your business, would you hire a self-entitled Transgender Social Justice Only-People-of-Color-Lives-Matter Womyn/Xer’s Studies graduate indoctrinated by a university culture of relative morality and who held internships with Planned Parenthood and Democratic politicians or a STEM major who worked summers doing whatever he or she could to gain beneficial experience and earn money?

How about that bridge you drive across every day? Should it be designed or constructed by persons selected based primarily on the color of their skin, their sexual orientation or their gender as opposed to their demonstrated mastery of the engineering and construction skills required for designing and building safe bridges?

The same can be said for the vehicles, planes, ships, elevators and other means of conveyance in which designs we place the safety of ourselves and the members of our family.

As for charity, would you rather give your money to a Democrat-run organization that will use most of the funds to support their extravagant lifestyle — including their daughter’s wedding — or as a front for homosexual pedophiles (tragically, yet again actual examples) or to those who adhere to Bible-based principles of conservative stewardship and moral uprightness?

The reality of a world ruled by the Regressive Left is a world with little left worth ruling.

It is either stupidity or insanity to believe that a world where people are judged based on the color of their skin or intensity of their sexual perversity or the extent of their self-perceived victimhood status, not the content of their character — where merit and sound moral values are considered taboo — could flourish.

The differences are stark, sobering.

For the Left, feelings trump facts and reality. Regardless how big or obvious the lie, if you “feel” it is “your truth”, then no matter the volume of evidence to the contrary.

Evidence to the contrary, intolerant Leftists feel any who disagree with them on any issue are racist, sexist, homophobic, -ist/-ic bigots — even if the issues in question have absolutely nothing to do with the ad hominem attack labels Leftists feel like invoking.

Feel like a biological change? A boy should be encouraged to believe he is a girl (or vice versa) even though doing so is proven to be mentally, physically and spiritually destructive?

Feel good about the forced redistribution of wealth and the welfare state, even though the evidence is overwhelming that such policies are negative (e.g., enslaving generations in poverty and dependency, as well as undermining the family and economy)?

Feel like socialism is great and capitalism is evil, even though socialists have killed millions of people and continue to destroy countries around the globe, yet capitalism has lifted billions out of poverty?

Feel like Christians are bad and must be silenced, yet non-Christians are enlightened “just because”?

Feel like killing babies is justified under some imaginary “right to privacy”?

Feel like using government force to take and spend other people’s and future generations’ money?

Feel like using government force to deny others their God-given, constitutionally protected liberties? The list goes on and on.

Leftists like to tell everyone how much they “care” when they are actually referring to how much they feel.

Leftists’ quest to make themselves feel good about themselves simply because they “feel” so, is not caring. It is narcissism. If someone truly cares, they are invested in positive outcomes.

Leftist ideology continues to fail abysmally and cannot withstand even the most cursory objective assessment.

One of the reasons those on the Left demand to silence opposing viewpoints is because Leftists’ views are not based on thinking.

Evidentiary-based reason, science, history and reality in general are completely divorced from Leftist ideology.

That is also why those on the Left respond with violence and vitriol when challenged, as the predominant “feeling” underlying their beliefs is hate.

An underlying issue is that Leftist do not value people for who they are — their souls — but for what they have or for how they can be used.

Consequently, they focus on taking from those who have and redistributing to those who lust after what other people have but are unwilling to earn it for themselves.

Merit is cast aside; intellect is cast aside; facts are cast aside; morality is cast aside; life itself is cast aside. Jealousy and covetousness, and their cousin hatred, become the base metrics for Leftist society.

Intellectually, those on the Left have never progressed beyond the “I want” stage.

They are the toddler screaming and throwing a temper tantrum in the aisle of the store; stridently demanding that which is bad for them and, in the case of Leftists’ “wants,” poses a very real and present danger to us all.

A necessary step in making America great again is encouraging Americans to think rationally and act morally again.

This requires we stop kowtowing to Leftists’ destructive “feelings” and cease tolerating affirmative stupidity.


ARTHUR SMITH of Paris is a member of the local Volunteers for Freedom Tea Party. His email address is

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