Hearing the Democrats debate and listening to President Trump’s State of The Union speech shows that there is a lot of differences in how they view the nation.

The Democratic presidential hopefuls are practically falling over each other to see who can promise the most government giveaways. “The voters should vote for me, I can give away more than any of you.” Not that any of them would be trying to buy your vote.

One hitch to their giveaways: presidents don’t hold the purse strings. Congress has the duty of making the budget. So Congress is where the giveaway programs start. Presidents can agree with or veto those bills.

I don’t know if they are trying to outdo Santa Claus, or are remaking Robin Hood in a modern style. Because after all their giveaways, they tell us that the rich should be taxed at ever-increasing rates.

We have been over that one before: The rich are already paying the lion’s share of taxes. Why the need to create class envy?

What do the rich do with their money?

Have you ever thought about it?

Do you get your paycheck from the poor or from some rich person?

Rich people invest their money, so their money grows; putting their money where it makes more money, like businesses — you know those places where there are jobs. People are hired, and paid wages, to work at businesses so that there are things made and sold so the businesses make money.

The more money they make, the more people they can hire, and higher wages can be paid.

If the government takes their money away in taxes, there is less for the employees, too.

Let me give you an over-simplified example of how the economy works.

Let’s find an island somewhere and put 10 people on it. Each person has a skill to make a product. One makes chairs, and other makes tables, another cabinets, and so on. With these people is a $10 bill, the only money on the island. And for the sake of simplicity, each product will be valued at $10.

So the table maker uses the $10 bill to buy a chair. The chair maker buys a lamp. The lamp maker buys a cabinet. And so on. 

The $10 bill goes through each person’s hands as they buy the goods that others are making, until everyone has houses filled with goods.

In the process, each person has sold their own products many times to the others — making $10 on the deal each time — so that the $10 bill has made hundreds of dollars (over time, thousands of dollars) for each of our islanders.

Now, the same scenario with class envy. 

Those rich manufacturers have thousands of dollars. 

“They should pay taxes,” says the tax man. 

So now we start again, with the same 10 people and the same $10 amount. 

The table maker buys the chair, and there is now an additional dollar needed for the tax. So he must write an I-owe-you for the additional dollar. 

The chair maker pays the tax man his dollar, keeping nine and the I.O.U. (You may notice taxes on the rich are passed to us, the consumer. So the tax on the rich is really an additional tax on us, we the people.) 

The chair maker then wants to buy a lamp: Now $10 plus tax of one dollar. The chair maker only has the nine. So he writes an I.O.U. for $2. 

Next, the lamp maker goes to buy a cabinet — $10 plus tax of $1, paying $8 and an I.O.U. of $3.

And so on until 10 purchases are made. The tax man now has the whole $10, all of our populace is in debt and they have no money to buy anything.

So, the economy grinds to a halt. No money with which to buy. No money to pay their debts. 

The government only has the original $10 ­— not enough money for any great giveaway program to stimulate the economy.

And our rich manufacturers are no longer making thousands of dollars per year. After sharing the $10 among the 10 people, everyone is in debt, and their manufacturing work is closed in bankruptcy. They can’t hire anyone that way.

Overly simplified, but I hope it gets the point across.

Even President Clinton understood this. In a speech in Japan, he told them if they wanted to stimulate their economy, they should reduce taxes and regulations on their businesses.

Which President Trump has done for us. Under his leadership, our economy has bolstered, the job market has improved, unemployment is down, salaries have increased and manufacturing has increased.

More factories are being built and new trade deals with Mexico, Canada and China are set to swing the trade balance into our favor.

The US is now energy independent with excess petroleum for export onto the world market, border security has improved with fewer illegal border crossings and the border wall is being built.

President Trump’s way of making America great is to get the government out of the way, thereby unleashing the great potential of our people to build a great future.

A great America for the Democrats: Tax businesses into poverty and then provide some government program to take care of those left unemployed — this from a government that is already over $23 trillion dollars in debt. 

And, by the way — bankrupt businesses don’t pay taxes when their manufacturing stops.

Nothing manufactured, nothing made and nothing to sell except our souls. Not much debate about that.


PAUL FROWNFELTER of Henry County is a member of the local Volunteers for Freedom Tea Party. His email address is paul4of6@yahoo.com.

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