The skewed broadcasters and sky-is-falling lunacy by the mainstream media (MSM) has left us weary.

We try to tune the media out, but like a jilted ex, they call and text hoping to find the right words to win us back. If nothing they say can change the way we feel, they howl.

We block their number. Then they show up where we live. We bolt the doors, shut the shades and pretend no one is at home. They stalk us, but tell their friends they are the victims.

They disregard one word, thinking the rest of us won’t notice, to maintain the illusion they are the oppressed.

As the great Mark Twain wrote, “The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter — it’s the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.”

Incredulous though it might be to catch wind of a legislator tying words to take us in, what’s most audacious is to fall prey to prescreened talking points.

To be fair, there are sedulous, balanced journalists. We ought to count our lucky stars to have The Post-Intelligencer and its columnists, as well, that they feature.

Tony Vandyke’s “Wolf’s Den” and Dr. Cynthia Bond Hopson’s “Now That You Mention It,” share words of wisdom and call for more kindness.

That is something the First Lady could use. It seems as if life mirrors high school when her past or the way she looks makes a headline.

They cover the protests when she highlighted a treatment program for babies born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome in Boston, but not her work with the infants who came in the world addicted to drugs.

The scurrilous onslaught by Christine Barr in her Oct. 7 “A Belle’s Eye View” column, “Worshipping Donald Trump is idolatry,” was the fodder that took the cake.

It was as disappointing as vicious, by and large a xenophobic dog whistle. The truth be told, no one knows if the First Lady illegally worked in the U.S. — she barred the release of her immigration records.

To upbraid the surface of her being by saying she “has had so much plastic surgery she has a perpetual squint” is at best petty, a cruel mien that is beneath Ms. Barr.

It begs the question of what has caused her to be so apoplectic. How does what the POTUS has to say translate into it being OK to treat the FLOTUS this way?

Indeed, we have not a clue as to what a person must face each day.

Keep this thought in mind: If there were but a scintilla of veracity in what they say about her husband, then one might sense that she would deserve to have kinder words spoken of her.

It is at a time like this, in which we ought to lift our hands and thank God for being the supreme judge.

What is principal is not to distill what we say, though it wouldn’t hurt to get off the high horse or remember the harm that words can cause.

True, a rallying cry to harass may not be the same as a call to violence — at the same time, would that not be a bit like Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., being knocked for a six when she sees a firetruck pull in her driveway after she gives a pyromaniac a match and time?

Now since the MSM turns a blind eye, they think that we wear a blindfold. They told us that Trump stripped Brennan of his security clearance to shut him up, but to let Brennan access top-secret information is like handing the keys to your 1970 Plymouth Barracuda to a scorned old flame. Just how feckless do they think he is?

But it’s when the press dubs Trump an assassin, and then pins the blame on him for the plane Iran shot down, that they lost their collective mind.

What’s worse, they broadcast the terrorist’s funeral live, all the while they spread Iranian propaganda, and refer to him as beloved as Elvis and Princess Di.

Ostentatious polemic is par for the course — to say otherwise would be disingenuous — yet, to say that Trump is a proxy for racism doesn’t pass the smell test, especially with his unwavering support of historically black colleges and universities.

Benedict College honored him with the Bipartisan Justice Award for his work on the First Step Act. This stuck in the craw of past prize recipient, Kamala Harris (Schechter, 2019) (Wright, 2017).

It’s time to take a step back when Joy Behar is pleased a white supremacist regrets voting for Trump.

They overlook the point that he gave the green light to buy meds outside of the U.S. and the right to try.

Those who have pre-existing conditions are guaranteed coverage, he defends our VETS, and the military — he has esteem for our boys and girls in blue, to boot.

There are many who don’t know that he campaigned for universal healthcare when he ran for the Reform Party in 2000 — or that his VP pick was Oprah Winfrey (Wikipedia, 2019).

The media gave Trump air — now they are trying to pull the plug to break free from what they gave life.

He’s not the only one the press has had it out for — the Sanders camp had to have been tipped off that the fix was in when the CNN anchor genuflected to take the word of a woman who claimed to be a Native American to get a leg up.

Seasoned web weaver Elizabeth Warren wouldn’t know the truth if it pulled up next to her and cracked open a beer.

The lies that Trump tells are bound to add up; they count each time he calls the New York Times failing as a lie. He can do no right — they would search for a way to fault him if he were to find the cure for cancer.

To be sure, we all fall short — none could rise if all or nothing were the standard — an albatross holds us down.

Christians cringe when they hear boorish words, but when it comes down to it, he thinks it’s wrong to take the life of an unborn child.

It should be said there is no carte blanche to give for churlish deeds.

Be that as it may, it would be remiss of me not to say pay no heed to the reprobates trying to sit on God’s throne.


RAINA FISHER is a writer and child activist who is working on her first novel, and lives on County Home Road near Paris. Her email address is

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