So, it’s bad that I simply love to harass people about not wearing a mask in public, right?

Of course I know it is. I should instead dread it. There is all this talk about people getting in fights and arguments. So a normal human would avoid these conversations.

I am not a normal human.

Sadly, people who refuse to wear a mask in public, during a pandemic, during a time when their community has seen a huge expansion in cases, I see as Trump-or-die people.

OK, well maybe not all of them, but I know 99% of them must be. And I love to have an excuse to harass them.

They don’t understand science.

They don’t understand math.

They don’t understand statistics.

They believe the virus is made up and will go away after Nov. 3.

They think because their wife left them, they shouldn’t have to wear a mask.

They think if they have COPD, it’s OK for them not to wear a mask.

They think I care if they have COPD.

They think if their guy doesn’t win the election, it’s rigged.

They think if their guy loses the popular vote, but wins the electoral vote, the election is fair.

They think people who care about those less fortunate are snowflakes.

They think being anti-fascist is a bad thing.

They don’t know what fascist even means.

They don’t know what socialism means.

They don’t understand the imbalance of federal taxes vs. federal funding of their own state.

They don’t understand the difference in hyperbole and fact.

They don’t read.

They don’t understand there is always more to the story than the lead-in on “Good Morning America” or Fox News.

They think having a basketball gym in their church will turn more people to the teaching of Jesus.

They don’t know the teaching of Jesus.

They think wearing casual clothes to church helps young people believe in the virgin birth.

They think the virgin birth is the teaching of Jesus.

But I digress.

Yeah, I don’t know why I love to harass these folks. But I really, really do.


DAN JACKSON is a self-employed Paris businessman. His email address is danjackson@alittleoff.net.

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