So, did you make your New Year’s resolutions?

I discovered long ago that the best resolutions require the least effort. Big plans often lead to big problems.

Listen to this: Last year, my friend Lisa resolved to marry. That didn’t work, because that same year, her boyfriend resolved to break up.

Complicated resolutions require extreme action. No one should ever take a giant step, except maybe on Leap Year.

Perhaps these tips will help:

1. My friend Ernie plans to exercise one minute more each day. Because he doesn’t exercise at all now, his routine won’t change much in 2020.

2. If you’re in school, resolving to make outstanding grades will require time, study and effort. An alternative step might be: “I resolve to do better next semester, or at least not worse.”

3. Ask others with the same goal for support. My buddy Dave and his wife resolved to eat better. So, they dine on healthy vegetables, and reward themselves with junk food.

4. Limit the resolutions you make. Last year I made only one: “Don’t make resolutions for 2020.” Ah, success. 

5. Finally, remember that – much like world records – resolutions are made to be broken.



My friend once went to a professional baseball training camp. Several teams tested his skills, then suggested he should just strike out on his own.


RIX QUINN is a freelance writer in Fort Worth, Texas. Got a suggested fable or a question for him? He says he loves weird questions the best. E-mail him at

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