Wolf's Den

Tony VanDyke

This is definitely going to need the work of an editor. My eyeballs are seeing which one can see double first and that I can handle.

But when they get in a fight as to whose turn it is — well, it is Katie bar the door, ’cause one of us is gonna get bloody!

I was reading a collection of short stories a couple of days ago. One of them dealt with what I would call “labor problems.”

There was a man by the name of Matthew who was telling this story. He was a tax collector by trade and, in the period of history that this took place, men of his profession were not very highly regarded.

It wasn’t that the people minded paying their taxes, but who they were being paid to — the Romans — and the extra taxes for themselves these collectors demanded.

Matthew heard an Individual talking one day, and what He said made sense — but Matthew was a little skeptical about the ideas that this Man was putting out.

However, when he was asked to follow this wandering Preacher, he immediately left his office — quit — and went with Him.

He traveled with the Man and saw Him do all kinds of things that a normal man couldn’t have done.

He went to his home with him and, while they were eating, some of the — shall we say, “righteous” people — saw this and began to gripe about His association with the “sinners and tax collectors.”

As time went on, this became the norm, to cast questions of His powers to Him and about Him with each other.

He looked and saw the distress in the people and essentially said to the ones who had stayed with Him despite the dislike of their own families in many instances:

 “There’s a big job of work to do here, but the workers — you — are few. What you need to do is ask the Lord of the harvest to send workers into His fields. Some of these are going to be lost and you must live what you believe. How about it? Are you up to it?”

Question: Are we up to it? Can we live  on a daily basis what we profess to believe? Think about it.


TONY VANDYKE lives at 103 Cactus Cove, Paris. His email address is tentallmen2004@yahoo.com.

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