Get ready to strap that feed bag on tomorrow, people. The grand food holiday is upon us!

In a continuance to the theme of the month, I can tell you, come Thursday at dinner, I’ll be giving thanks to a new food truck in our fine city, Big Doins of Lakeway IGA.

As the name implies, it’s not only of IGA, but also it’ll be parked there.

My boy, David “Get You Some of That” Clayton, is preparing smoked meats, and I got a brisket coming for us.

You can also stop by between 2 p.m. and 7 today and pick up Big Daddy’s brisket sliders and chopped smoked turkey while supply lasts.

So did you watch the American Music Awards Sunday night?

Well, my fantasy football team was hopelessly behind, so I did, and I got to tell you, I am thankful for some music by Billie Eilish.

Look, don’t think I’m being creepy, I know the kid is 17 years old. But she sounds like an aggressive, much older Lana Del Rey, and dresses like an amorphous skateboarder.

So while her music certainly can be interpreted with sexual overtones, there was nothing bawdy, promiscuous or perverse about her performance Sunday night. Instead it was energetic, technically perfect and fun.

To the ceremony, she brought her mom, dad and song-writing partner, who happens to be her older brother.

And while she was receiving one of her two awards, she pointed them out on the front row, and remarked, “Where did my dad go?”

This is no “Brittney Spears in a schoolgirl outfit” artist. She projects a grounded nature, seemingly due to her parents encouraging her to be open and honest.

It’s refreshing. That same honesty shows in her music. It’s very, very mature stuff for such a young person. I wish more people had the guts to be that way.

So, I’ve done food, I’ve done music — ah, what am I leaving out? Oh that’s right, politics!

I would be remiss if I didn’t reach out to our often-maligned (by me, of course) state Rep. Bruce Griffey, R-Paris.

Thank you, Bruce, for co-sponsoring a bill rejecting an idiotic school voucher plan, only narrowly put in place a few months ago. We may yet make you and Becky Democrats!

Back to the previous bill, it was such a close vote, the FBI is now investigating to see if some monkey business may have been at hand. Turns out one ol’ East Tennessee boy may have taken a bit of a bribe.

When it comes to Tea Party stupid and Trump coattails, you cannot make up the dumb things bound to transpire underneath our noses.

For instance, our fine state senator, John Stevens, R-Huntingdon, is all in on vouchers. He’s not budging. He won’t even talk to local educators about the issue.

He’s a sad, sad little fellow that John Stevens. One might start thinking his staunch conservatism, even in the face of fierce reality, is nothing more than overcompensation for other shortcomings.

You know, like being harassed in middle school for wearing no socks. Get that boy some socks for Christmas!

Seriously people, ol’ preppy boy needs socks in the wintertime. He’ll be thankful you sent them.

While you’re out shopping this year, pick up an extra pair of stockings and send them Stevens’ way. His office address is 161 Court Square, Huntingdon 38344.

Sadly, after this week, the month of Thanksgiving must end. And then we shall move post-haste into the carnivorous state of our Christmas holiday.

I personally love buying gifts for the people I love. I used to hate it, because I was poor and stressed about picking out the wrong thing. Forget that crud.

The secret is giving what you can. And that should be enough.

And give to the poor, but give all year. Why do you only want to remind your kids now of charity?

I’m thankful to people who go into Christmas with a more universal understanding of Christ and the message of love, hope and above all, giving of yourself to those in need.

This is not who we are as human beings. We are naturally transparent, greedy, survivors of the fittest. That’s how we’ve climbed the ladder. That’s why we’re the top predator.

So, I’m thankful to those who give without publicly bearing a cross. I’m thankful to those who don’t make their beliefs political. And I’m thankful to those who reach beyond who we really are.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


DAN JACKSON is a self-employed Paris businessman. His email address is

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