“I should have anticipated spending at least a bit of time each day listening to the assorted views on all the cable opinion stations would lead to trouble. I watched a whole Tucker Carlson show last night, and very near its sign-off, Tucker the Obnoxious said something I agreed with. Me? Agree with a Tucker Carlson comment? I may not sleep for a month.” — Clyde Peterson, Houston.


“So, the USA Today story says, ‘Even as thousands of their employees fell ill with COVID-19, meatpacking executives pressured federal regulators to help keep their plants open.’ You know, open, like in spite of what any local health authorities might say about local conditions. And in short order and most amazingly, out of the White House there came an executive order to keep those plants open and those workers on the job. Base, did you know your bosses and your heroes in the White House have been carrying on behind your backs?” — Clyde Peterson.

“The head of the World Health Organization says the COVID-19 pandemic might be curbed in two years; and maybe if we get a vaccine it will help blunt, but not necessarily eradicate, the virus; and like all pandemics and plagues throughout history, this one will likely change much of world civilization and life itself. Wonder if that guy at the post office today standing almost six feet away from me and not wearing a mask is up to speed on these little tidbits?” — Clyde Peterson.

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