It’s that magical time of year again where aisles are stocked with those wonderful items that signal the winding down of summer and the gearing up of school.

Teachers have spent many days and hours completing trainings to become stronger educators. Many dollars from their pockets have been spent to create an atmosphere of cheer and warmth in which your child will learn.

Extra supplies have been purchased so everyone has exactly what they need. Many hours of meeting and planning have taken place so that things flow smoothly and efficiently in those first hectic weeks.

None of this time or personal money is paid time. It’s time and money teachers spend every single year because of one simple reason: they love teaching your kids.

There are some things that you, the parents, can do to help make this a great school year for both you and your child.

First, and most important of all, pray for your child’s teacher, principal and vice principal, the nurse and every single person who does anything to help keep your child safe and make his/her school experience the best it can be.

Pray for the custodians who do the jobs, which are not pleasant, so that every morning your child walks into a clean building.

Also, pray for the cafeteria workers who provide breakfast and lunch, the teacher’s assistants who do the work of five people and keep things running smoothly for everyone.

Pray for the secretary who juggles every employee and student and parent, and still manages to greet you with a smile.

Pray for the superintendent and school board as they make the hard decisions to try and do the best for everyone,and our resource officers, they have the safe keeping of us all.

Take these people before our Heavenly Father, because they are the people in whom you are entrusting your most precious little people.

Second, please make sure the school has multiple, accurate, and accessible ways to get in touch with you. This is for two very good reasons.

First, you are giving us your child to take care of, and at times, things arise that necessitates us needing to get in touch with you.

Second, in order for your child to succeed, it takes a team of you and the teacher having clear and open lines of communication.

Imagine working a job without any way to communicate with your boss. It just does not work.

If your number or job changes, the school needs that information immediately, so that at all times we can keep that line of communication open.

Third, please remember that the teacher is not the enemy. We are not out to get your child. We want what is best for them, and we work to help them achieve that best.

If you want clarification about what your child is learning or the method that is being taught, please schedule a meeting and we will be happy to explain it.

We know you want what is best for your child, and you want to see them succeed. Please understand the way things are taught is not the way you learned them.

Just like with any field, over time, we learn better methods of teaching and we have research to back it up.

If you compare it to the medical field, you just don’t find people asking their doctors to just go back to the ways some things were done just 20 years ago.

If you want to understand, please ask. We will be happy to show you and help you with resources to best help your child learn.

Finally, talk with your children about their day. Let them read to you. Ask them to explain how to work their math problems. Ask about their friends and what they liked best.

There is so much information that children will give you if you just ask. This is also such a window into any misunderstandings they may have and an opportunity for you to get information you can pass on to the teacher that will help them help your child.

Remember, we are imperfect human beings, just like you. We have excellent days where every lesson works just the way we planned, and we have bad days where our lessons just don’t go as planned at all.

Please give us the benefit of the doubt, and treat us with the same respect you wish to be treated.

This year, we pray for a normal school year and, most of all, we pray for your child.


DONNA DAVIDSON is a local teacher, wife and mother who lives northeast of Paris. Her email address is

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