Yes, people murder people with guns, but they also murder with knives, clubs and poison.

The gun crimes get the big headlines — especially the mass shootings — because the gun-grabbers are not yet trying to take away your knives, baseball bats, screwdrivers, rope and hammers.

They want your guns; and mass shootings get your attention like nothing else will.

The leftist liberal gun-grabbers in politics and the mass media know how to sell their agenda. Look at the numbers.

The liberals don’t report that where they apply their programs for “safer without guns” they have more, not less, violence. They don’t report it because they don’t want you to know the facts.

They work on your compassion for those who are hurting. If they can deceive you into believing their agenda, then they have your vote to take your guns, along with your ability to defend yourself from savage human beings.

It is quite revealing that even as Democrats aggressively work to push gun control under the guise of “red flag” laws — which, by definition, are themselves violations of due process constitutional protections — they also block the inclusion of existing gang databases.

Considering gangs are responsible for a large percentage of gun-related crimes, it certainly seems reasonable that if the real reason for gun confiscation is reducing crime, the logical place to start would be with known criminals known for using guns to commit crimes, especially murders.

Ironically, in places like Baltimore and Chicago, the same people who seek to take away guns from law-abiding citizens and shift the responsibility for citizens’ personal security and safety to the police, are often also working to undermine the ability of the police to protect themselves, much less others.

Why would you call the police in the event of someone using a gun to commit a violent crime?

It is because your fellow citizen, the cop on the beat, is willing to risk his life to defend yours — and he will bring a gun to do it!

What if that cop is 20 minutes away; and the savage human has just reloaded his gun; and there are a bunch of kids in his sights? Would you risk your life to save those kids? Would you bring a gun to do it?

Not if the liberals get their way. You would get 20 minutes of watching those kids die, knowing you had nothing with which to fight him.

You, the law-abiding citizen, why should they want your gun? You have never harmed anyone with it.

Why lose your ability to defend your family or your fellow citizens by letting the leftist agenda take your gun while they say they are taking them from the criminals?

Yet, the criminals, the savage humans, reject the liberal gun-restriction laws, too. Look at the violence in the sanctuary cities, most of which are cities that already have liberal gun restrictions.

Sanctuaries for criminals are rarely, if ever, sanctuaries for the law-abiding.

Let’s look at it this way: The liberals are brokering a peace deal. A simple definition for peace is: You don’t shoot at me, and I won’t shoot at you.

The liberals would be saying: “We have to take all the guns, because criminals may find yours, the law-abiding citizen’s guns, and steal them. So we take yours to get theirs, too.”

To some, this sounds like peace between us and the criminals. Of course, one need look no further than our prisons to verify that violent criminals find ways to commit violence even when they have no guns.

Based on the “logic” of gun-grabbers, the government should confiscate everyone’s cars, since 37,133 people died in vehicle accidents in 2017, compared to the 39,773 who died from gun-related injuries the same year — 23,854 (63%) of which were suicides (

Now if, as a society, we really want to protect and save truly innocent lives, we could immediately put a stop to abortion — which has resulted in the deaths of more than 60 million babies since 1973, including more than 44% of all black babies and 21% of all U.S. pregnancies (,

But what are those who reject law and order, who reject civility, who reject peace, who have no respect for others — what are they saying?

Mostly, criminals would say: “Go ahead. Give up your firearms. We won’t be giving up ours. We like an unarmed populace, so they can’t shoot back.”

Look at a real world example:

In the aftermath of 9/11, the United States has been in Afghanistan, trying to “weed out” the terrorists who found a refuge in its mountains.

President Donald Trump wants to get us out of the war in Afghanistan. But he does not want to leave the citizens at the mercy of those terrorists.

One way out is through a peace agreement with all parties. To that end, Trump has been directing peace talks with the Taliban concerning the future peace within Afghanistan.

Recently, Trump canceled those peace talks.

The Associated Press reported the reasons for ending those peace talks was that in the days leading up to the cancellation of peace talks, the Taliban attacked a foreign compound, killing at least 16 people and wounding more than 100 — mostly local civilians.

The Taliban assassinated the acting director of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission in the Ghor province.

A Taliban car bomb outside an Afghan military base killed four civilians.

Another Taliban suicide car bombing killed a Romanian soldier and at least 10 Afghan civilians in a busy diplomatic area that includes the U.S. embassy, wounding another 42 people.

It also killed a US service member, the fourth killed in the prior two weeks in Afghanistan.

In a Sept. 6 AP article, “Taliban attacks test Trump as he seeks to end Afghan war,” reporter Deb Riechmann quotes Afghan President Ashraf Ghani as stating, “Peace with a group that is still killing innocent people is meaningless.”

The Afghan president gets it! People who have no respect for law and order, have no respect for civility, have no respect for peaceful coexistence, have no respect for their fellow human beings, have no respect for morality, have no respect for government and have no respect for social order are not trustworthy with respect to their own word or agreements.

So, peace agreements — or any other agreements — have no meaning with them, as they have no respect for others.

They are talking peace with their mouth, while making war with everything they have. Peace, for them is only lip service. The truth is in their actions.

The savage instinct lives among us. And lip service agreements with them — including feel-good liberal gun laws — have no meaning for them. They follow the primal way, not the way of civilization.

Civilized means, peace agreements and civil laws will not work to stop them. That is why the United States brings guns and other weapons to the war.

It is why the police bring guns to the crimes. Should we citizens do less, to defend ourselves or families, our fellow citizens, when confronted by savages?

The answer is not to take the guns of the law-abiding citizen.

The answer is in stopping the savage from acting out on his primal instinct. Teach him to be civil, to control the savagery within; or he cannot live within our civilization.


PAUL FROWNFELTER of Henry County is a member of the local Volunteers for Freedom Tea Party. His email address is

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