People are in pain, but somehow they don’t understand they have brought the trouble upon themselves.

Ordinary people, busy living their lives, mixed up by the liberal lies, just can’t see how their attitudes and actions bring about the evil consequences of their broken lives, whereas the true evil is in embracing Satan’s rebellious propaganda.

What are the consequences of our actions? How do they affect our lives, our families and influence our society? What messages are parents giving their kids in the way they live?

The liberal influences have very much geared our culture to sex, and especially the allure.

Young girls are bombarded everywhere with the “dress for sex” images. So, when they dress “sexy,” and some man is found looking at her body, why the surprise?

Why the revulsion she shows when she sees him looking at her body that she chose to put on display?

How can a woman walk around in public, showing off all her sexual allure and private parts, and expect all the sex-crazed men to ignore her display?

When the boys of this culture grow up with the same messages promoting the allure of easy sex — with the way women dress, one-night stands, consensual sex, schools giving out condoms to kids, the abortion industry and so many more promoting such things — how can women expect anything other than being the object of men’s desires, especially when women, dressed in low-cut tops and short skirts, shake and wiggle around publicly?

Here is the disassociation: The women are saying by their own clothing choice, “Here is my near-naked body, ready for casual, consensual sex,” seemingly with anyone.

But what they say they are expecting is that men will ignore their wanton display and invitations for more; and instead the men will see her for her caring heart or her great intellect.

How can they not see that their choice of displaying themselves is in opposition to the way they want the society to see them?

What are our little girls learning as they grow up in this society, reading fashion magazines, seeing what their friends and mothers are doing, and watching Hollywood’s depiction of women?

Well, they know how to apply their alluring message with their makeup, doing their hair and nails, and selections of provocative clothing.

But are they learning how their phones work? How its camera is made? The sewing of their clothing? The way computers are designed and built?

How their food grows? Cooking? Rocket science? Biochemistry? Nutrition? Does modern entertainment show women that they can become experts in any field?

How can they hope to be noticed for their intellect when they haven’t put in the effort to learn important information and skills for their hands?

How can they be noticed for the kindness of their heart when they are not dressed to help and haven’t learned how to help?

It may be that if women would apply themselves to better things, they would have the respect of others and have a positive influence on the society.

What are missing fathers teaching their sons? How can we expect young men to respect women when their fathers don’t?

How can we expect young men to become responsible fathers and leaders in their own homes when their fathers aren’t?

Why not choose to get off mind-altering drugs and expand your mind with learning?

Why not choose to learn job skills so that you can benefit others with your works and yourself with the pay?

Why not choose to learn better cooking skills so that you are not dependent on others?

Why not choose to learn better eating habits so that you don’t get fat or your teeth rot because of all the sugar you put into your mouth?

Why not choose to learn the health benefits of being active so you can have that svelte, lean, strong body with the “six pack” abdomen rather than the “couch potato” body?

Why not choose to learn to abstain before marriage, and monogamy and loyalty after marriage, so you can offer your kids a stable, dependable family in which to grow up, as well as avoiding all those STDs, broken trusts, etc.

Saul Alinsky has shown us that the radical liberals are in lock-step with Satan’s agenda to lie, destroy and murder.

They are not building up. They are tearing down our kids, our families, our neighborhoods and our nation.

They are opposed to everything and anything that God is doing. That is the root of their rebellion.

In my lifetime, I have seen what choosing to follow the liberal philosophies has done to our people.

Our society is plagued by the liberals’ lies with broken and abandoned families, broken trusts, criminal/drug gangs, our streets are not safe;

The kids are disobedient, single moms living in poverty, women and children are being dangerously exploited, and slavery continues all over the world.

The liberal rebellion has nothing good to offer in place of God’s morality, His love and His plans for us.

Why not choose to follow God? Return to the “One nation under God.”

Choose God’s ways! His ways are good for your health, happiness and prosperity for you, your family and our nation!

Quit reading those texts. Put your cell phone down. Pick up the Bible and start reading it. You may find out how much God loves you and wants the best for us all.


PAUL FROWNFELTER of Henry County is a member of the local Volunteers for Freedom Tea Party. His email address is

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