EDITOR’S NOTE: This column is a reprint of a July 28, 2017, column by the late Kert Blackwood.


“America the Beautiful:” “God shed His grace on thee. And crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea.” Good song; great message.

There is so much good and great in America, not the least of which are the many God-fearing, America-loving, patriotic men and women, boys and girls that make the American dream a reality.

For much of my life, these Americans were considered the “good guys.”

Now, those of us who believe in God and support constitutionally limited government are called nasty names.

Even those who consider themselves fine, upstanding members of the community often shy away from standing for right and standing against wrong lest they, too, be labeled right-wing extremists.

What a sad commentary on all the sacrifices so many have made to make and keep America great, that now all it takes to keep many Americans on the bench is the fear of being called names for not being politically correct.

Perhaps the worst offenders are the preachers and politicians.

It would appear many, if not most, of them tailor what they say and do based on how it will impact the flow of cash heading their direction, or from fear they will be considered “judgmental” or “mean.”

Of course, the preachers use the excuse of “keeping politics out of it,” as if that is some kind of noble and God-approved model for living.

The people heading to Hell without being warned sure aren’t going to be grateful.

How can you believe in good and bad, right and wrong — especially from the Bible-based perspective ­— and even consider banning the discussion of anything political from the pulpit?

How can you not call out politicians either doing or ignoring evil and pretend that is what Jesus would do? Have they not even read the Bible?

We live in a time where many preachers refuse to call evil what it is, and then we wonder why so few of those who call themselves Christians are doing anything of consequence in the many battles of good versus evil.

Instead of recognizing things like Islam, the whole LGBTQ agenda, stealing money from future generations and infanticide as a “choice” as downright and obviously evil ideologies that must be fought so that people do not fall into their pits out of ignorance — and as things from which those who have fallen need rescued — most churches are focused on making people “feel good,” or at least good enough to open their wallets.

As for the politicians, Mark Twain once wrote, “It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress.”

When you compare the trillions of dollars being stolen (aka “redistributed”) by politicians at all levels, it is hard to even compare them to the relatively small-time drug-dealers, crooks and gangsters that populate our prisons and society.

The fact that national Republicans cannot even agree to repeal Obamacare or block special medical benefits for “transgenders” in the military, even as they continue to spend record amounts of other people’s money, pretty much says it all.

Of course, here in Tennessee, the Republicans are busy taxing and spending while they refuse to defend marriage, stand up against the whole “transgender” perversion/mental illness or even uphold Second Amendment protections.

It is not even worth considering the baby-killing, God-booing Democrats as an alternative.

Given, I am too old to care much about what anyone other than God may think, but I fail to see why those who do know right from wrong are afraid of what those on the side of wrong will say about them.

Of course, I am not referring to most politicians, as their motive seldom goes beyond figuring out how to get the most money out of any situation.

Those who read the comments section on The Post-Intelligencer’s website know that there are a number of liberals — most of whom post anonymously, probably out of cowardice or shame — who are poster children for the nastiness and lack of clear, logical thinking and historical ignorance that seems to be a requirement for being a liberal.

Any mention of God, the Constitution or conservative principles is enough to send them into a foaming-at-the-mouth panic that such thoughts are even allowed to be freely expressed.

Wading through the muck and mire of the Leftist and Establishment swamps to highlight the dangers of their anti-God, anti-America agenda is not pleasant.

For most of my life, I just ignored such people; but now it is hard for me to leave their attacks unanswered, as ignoring them is what allowed them to pockmark our beautiful country with cesspools run by wannabe tyrants who make third-world tin-pot dictators look benevolent and competent by comparison.

I have to admit that sometimes I respond to their drivel just to poke them and see what manner of foolishness will leak out.

Mostly, though, I believe if we do not take firm stands against their constant attacks and erosion of Godly and constitutional principles, it will be next stop, Venezuela!

As big a mess as the Leftist nutcase P-I commenters are, there are not enough of them to reshape Henry County or Tennessee into Cuba or one of their other model socialist “paradises.”

Nope, for them to get their way in places other than Chicago and San Francisco, they need a lot of people to either ignore them or just not care.

They also need help from a bunch of “Republicans” who vote for socialism, trample all over the Constitution and thumb their noses at God — pretty much what we have right now.

As for me, I am going to keep fighting for the things that, and people who, make America beautiful.

I don’t care what the Looney Birds call me, so long as my friends keep calling me friend.


KERT BLACKWOOD, who was a former president of the local Volunteers for Freedom Tea Party, died on Jan. 20.

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