Raina Fisher

Through the Looking Glass

Timocracy is a form of government in which one must own property to hold office. The degenerate counterpart to this, in the words of Aristotle, is democracy.

In strict terms, it lay open to mob rule and tyranny of the majority. A wall divides the elite guild — and zone where the urban has a stake to claim — from the minority, rural and poor class.

On the other side of the locked gate to this private club is where they stand, out in the cold.

We are a Constitutional Republic — if we can keep it. The electoral college and three branches of checks and balances are the badge we wield.

It sets us apart from the rest and pares us from the threadbare stranglehold. The gales of the upper echelon twist and howl.

One stumbles over the other in a mad dash to seize power, as if they were going to snatch the lightning bolt out of the hand of Zeus himself.

At the same time, a league of bad actors tries to chip away at the bulwark of our touchstone. They stomp their feet, scream at the sky and throw a temper tantrum, the likes of which will grind a 2-year-old to halt and stare.

What these rabble rousers need is a good, old-fashioned meet-and-greet — a paddle to their bottom.

Writ large, their grandma should have made them go out in the backyard to pick a switch or a parent should’ve put them in time out when faced with the need to punish them as youngsters.

If they had back then, we may not have to cope with a cabal of grown children gung-ho to pitch such a fit now. The tacit tack is a dumpster fire.

The era of polite youth who held the door open for seniors is but a faint sense of nostalgia.

Some of these hoodlums will terrorize the elders who try to cross the street with a walker. There are others who assault them on film.

How did we manage to cultivate a band of brats who threaten to shut the country down if the election didn’t pan out for them?

There is a fringe off-shoot who are so far to the edge of the precipice, it seems a bit of a stretch to link them to either party.

“It’s Going Down is a digital community center for anarchists, anti-fascist, autonomous, anti-capitalist and anti-colonial movements.”

The aim is not to organize, but to “provide a resilient platform to publicize and promote revolutionary theory and action” (It’s Going Down, 2020).

The Black Roses Anarchist Federation distributes fliers to promote the Budding Roses, a summer camp where gullible children in grades 4-8 learn how to protest and fight for social justice.

The leaflet depicts a girl with her fist in the air next to a “comrade” donned in what looks like an Antifa mask (Black Rose Anarchist Federation, 2019) (Budding Roses, 2020) (Vaughn, 2019).

You can bet the parents do not expect a popsicle birdhouse made in art and crafts when their little ones come home.

This is the training ground where they inculcate a future generation of insurgent warriors. Some might think of this as a cult camp for kids.

While this may rock middle America to her core, this is a world away from fly-over country in Portland.

The anarchist has no allegiance to agency or authority. But by the same token, there are those who hold the wheel and steer politics.

A case in point is the small, yet obtrusive, faction who have tried to take center stage as of late.

We must stand steadfast in the face of tyranny, lest one day we awaken to a broad, yet nebulous nation, where the mantle falls to agent provocateurs, and we wave the white flag.

To feign as though Antifa fights fascism owed by and large to their name is a line of pure gibberish.

I can slip on a pair of flippers, set a tiara on top of my head and dub myself the Empress of the Deep or heiress to the Mermaid throne, but it doesn’t make it true.

It is one thing to pretend a pitchfork is a magic triton. But to believe it can control the surge of the sea or creatures of the deep — it might be a signal that therapy is in order.

The domestic terrorist troupe Weather Underground lives and dies by Prairie Fire, the militant manifesto. And so, it is with Antifa.

Chaotic as they might seem to be, there is a deliberate attempt to thwart the identification of their cohorts. Be that as it may, these are trained paramilitaries who are just as organized.

Disparity is the fuel that drives the communist agenda. Ignorance is the news outlet and political party engine which chalk them up to being a mere apparition.

The tank is empty; the gas light is on. The same chicanery hailed ISIS the JV team, right in their wheelhouse.

Radical factions will choose death over conformity. It is a no-brainer to throw dissenters under the rail. Hence, if they will eat their own, then to be sure, they will come for those who bend a knee.

One must be noble in loss and even more so in victory. In light of the events which have plagued 2020, it so disheartens the spirit to see a business board the windows up just in case Trump pulls out a win.

The wrath of Mother Nature is enough of a feat for them to deal with. Plywood boards should not be the bellwether on election night.

On a side note, it would help going forward if all parties took the time to listen; the president did not say halt the “counting” of ballots. He said stop the voting. Pennsylvania took a page out of the old playbook and changed the rules in the middle of the game.

One side may have planted the seed of doubt. But the other tills the ground, waters it and shines the light on it; yet they still wonder why it grows. In the end, we should all want a free and fair election where every vote counts. What’s more, let’s accept the outcome.


RAINA FISHER is a child activist, writer and psychologist writing a memoir on parental alienation. She lives on County Home Road near Paris; her email address is rainafisher@hotmail.com.

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