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To the editor:This is in response to state Rep. Bruce Griffey’s letter Wednesday about the immigrants being settled in Tennessee.Bruce, you blame the people giv- ing testimony at the Committee on Refugee Issues for not telling the legislature earlier about things on your mind, but you say th…

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Years ago, I went to the Henry Farmers Co-op in Cottage Grove to fill up. A grain truck was already at the pump, so I pulled up behind it and waited.

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“In the 1950s, President Dwight Eisenhower’s Cold War Secretary of State was an international scrapper named John F. Dulles, a fellow who reveled in brinksmanship with the Communist world and which powers might blink first in times of confrontation. Today, there’s much testy news (particular…

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“We’ve seen more TV ads and promos in the last year than we ever dreamed possible — among the most critical being ads for whole streaming industries based on truckloads of decades old reruns topped only by ads for great advances in litter boxes.” — Clyde Peterson, Houston.

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“Former president George W. Bush issued a statement on the insurrectionist assault on the Capitol Building, saying, ‘This is how election results are disputed in a banana republic – not our democratic republic,’ quite likely offending countless banana republics who thought they had moved bey…

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“Noted in The Post-Intelligencer recently that the Chicago White Sox will be playing the New York Yankees next Aug. 12 at the 8,000-seat Field of Dreams ballfield in Dyersville, Iowa. One of my daughters and I veered through there years ago to take a look around and run the bases, missing on…

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