To the editor:

The toddler is back with a vengeance. He’s so angry he’s spending all his kids’ money to try to win  the election he clearly lost to Joe Biden.

Trump, Pence and the Republicans in Congress are responsible for the murder of millions before Biden takes over. It didn’t have to be this way. Obama left  Trump a plan if a pandemic showed up on his watch. Trump, being a racist and hating Obama, threw it out. He then did nothing about the problem America was faced with. He did say it was a Chinese virus, that it was China’s fault. That did nothing to help us. Let’s face it, he is a do-nothing president and that’s the reason, among others, that he lost the election. He still blames Obama for all his failures. And his Trumpsters eat it up. They, too, accept no responsibility for any errors they commit, so Trump is their hero,

The 70 million Americans that voted for Trump this time around are just as guilty as Pence and the Republican Congress for the millions murdered by this administration. They continue to send him money for his lawsuits, real morons. Trump, Pence and Lara Trump are in my email account daily begging for money, and I’m a registered Democrat.

Trump is absolutely the worst president this country has ever had  Worse than Nixon, worse than Carter and worse than the Bushes. 

I hope Biden has the sense to get the FBI and/or the CIA to go over the White House and the vehicles with a fine tooth comb. You can count on Trump setting a trap to hurt Biden or his family. He’s a sick, evil man and we’re lucky to be rid of him and still have our Democracy. 

Trish Seimo

308 Edgewood St., Paris

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