To the editor:

Over the past few days, we have become aware of horrifying exploits caused by young adult men, with 21 souls losing their lives over senseless immoral thoughts in these two persons’ minds.

In Atlanta, a man opened fire in several spas, killing eight Asian women and three non-Asians. The liberal news never reported the deaths of the non-Asians, reporting that this was a racial bloodbath. The perpetrator stated that he had bad sexual thoughts. Because of his ill-formed thinking process, he perceived that these spas were part of his problem.

They also stated that he was a Christian and somehow twisted this story to blame his religious beliefs as the cause of his actions and not an immoral conscience.

In Boulder, Colo., 10 people lost their lives in a supermarket, including a responding police officer.

This culprit was about the same age, but they never mentioned his religious beliefs. He is a Muslim from an Arabic nation that immigrated from a war-torn country as a youth.

If I did not know anything about civilization nor religion, I would assume that Christian beliefs accept murder outright, as suggested by the liberal news media. Now, some will blame guns are the reason for all the violence. Politicians will argue back and forth we need stricter gun laws.

However, Colorado has one of the strictest gun laws in the nation, including universal background checks, banning large-capacity magazines, and a person’s weapons can be seized if they’re deemed an extreme risk.

Likewise, the Boulder gunman was on an FBI terrorist watch list suspected of being an ISIS supporter, but the feds never notified the state officials. The state would have taken away his guns. End of Story!

Meanwhile, in Chicago last weekend, five people were murdered and 20 were wounded. Four of the victims were under the age of 18.

This was one of the slower weekends for body counts in the Windy City. I will wager that none of these weapons were registered.

Thou shall not kill! This is one of God’s commandments written in stone, but it is also natural law. Anyway, you perceive this. You know that this is wrong.

Guns do not kill, people do! The reason that people do this is the manner that they are reared. Parents are the first teachers of their children.

When a child’s environment includes moral teaching, illustrating right from wrong, respecting others, and there is some Higher Being who loves us, this child will become an adult with a righteous conscience.

An individual nurtured in this manner may yet carry out questionable acts, but none will be horrific actions.

Parents should not expect the school to teach morals or form their child’s conscience. God and prayer were taken out of the classroom a long time ago. Some children, if they mention God in school, will be punished.

Remember, there are boogiemen out there. Some of us call them devils that want to rule your soul and your children, also. Please take your children to church!

The church will aid you in developing your child’s conscience. Do nothing to form their conscience and, someday, you might turn on the television and find your little loved one on the news as a mass murderer.

Forming decent moral behavior and a virtuous conscience is a key to stopping this violence. It begins with the parents and not the government.

Please help your child form a good moral conscience, and you will be pleased as they grow older.

Tom Fairchild

7260 Hwy. 140W, Puryear

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