How hurt and disturbed I was when I saw last Tuesday’s paper regarding the cemetery rules.

In the first place, you have gone back on your word from three years ago. It was said then that things that were already there could be left, but no additional things added.

But we that have family buried in these cemeteries bought and paid for those lots and we have deed to them and it has our names on it, not yours or the city of Paris. We bought them from the city of Paris, therefore they belong to us and we should be able to put what we want to on our loved ones graves.

Not all of us are as fortunate as your are, Mrs. (Kim) Foster, (Paris city manager), to still have our parents. And I am glad you haven’t crossed that bridge yet. But when you do, I’m afraid you may feel different ….

My son lost his dad at the age of 6 years old. All he has is a few memories, and then you come telling us we cannot put a flower on his grave. Shame on you!

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Flowers still may be placed on graves, but will be removed after 30 days.]

My mother and dad are buried in Memorial Cemetery, along with my two husbands, and we keep their graves looking nice.

I will admit some graves don’t look as well as others. But has it ever occurred to you that maybe they didn’t have anyone left to take care of their graves and keep fresh flowers on them?

You know they could have passed away themselves since there were new flowers put out. This has happened. They may be in a position they can’t, such as being in a nursing home.

I pay city and county taxes, just like any other property owner and, believe me, they are plenty! And I am sure some of that money goes to pay the people who mow and keep up the cemeteries.

And as a whole, they do a good job. But do you have some lazy people who don’t want to get off those big riding mowers and take the time to trim weeds or pull a little grass?

If so, let the jail people do it; that would give them something to do, instead of lying there taking it easy off our tax dollars.

When I worked, I couldn’t choose my job, or just do what I wanted to. I had to do it no matter what it consisted of.

My first husband and I would have celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary last month, and I put some extra flowers on his grave. That’s all I could do for him.

And as for the flags, shame on you again! I come from a well-represented military family, and we are very patriotic. It goes all the way back to my great-great grandfather.

Therefore, we honor and pay our respects to all military, and that includes the veterans, and we do not leave out the deceased ones.

As a matter of fact, I have a husband buried in this cemetery who is very much a veteran. He gave 25 years of his life serving not only his country, but also mine as well as yours.

Then you come telling me I can’t have a flag on his grave? No way!

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Flags and seasonal decorations also still may be placed on graves, but will be removed after 30 days.]

I have kept a flag on his grave for the last nine and a half years, and I will continue to do so. I absolutely refuse to remove the American flag off his grave.

That is what he and so many others — including my brother, who died of the agent Orange disease — fought for. It was for you and me and America that we could have freedom.

Then someone comes along and tells us we can’t pay respect and honor to our loved ones and those who fought for us. That is not the American way; that is nothing but communism!

And that is not from our forefathers. When someone comes along and tells you what you can do and what you cannot, that is not freedom; as I said, it is nothing more than communism.

This is our way of showing our love, honor and respect to our loved ones by placing flowers and flags upon their graves. They are so sadly missed, and that is all we can do for them.

If that’s all some of our leaders have to do, then you need to get out and get a real job, instead of sitting around a table figuring out how to tell the taxpaying citizens what they can and cannot do.

America is not America anymore, as we once knew it. Then, people wonder why things are happening as they are. Read your Bible and you will know why the world is in the shape it is in.

This nation has lowered its standards. And it happened when they started leaving God out of everything and destroying that precious American flag!

And it’s not going to get any better until we, the people of this nation, fall on our knees and cry out to God and come back to Him and put Him first and love our fellow man and quit being divided. Mark 3:23 tells us a house divided cannot stand.

So please, people, if your have loved ones buried in these cemeteries, speak up. If we don’t, they will continue to run over us and tell us what we can or cannot do!

And the next thing we know, we won’t have any rights whatsoever. It seems we are slowly but surely losing our rights. Wake up, people, this is America and we want to keep it that way!

I love my God, my country, that beautiful American flag and all of my loved ones who are gone on. And all I can do for them now is keep flowers and flags on their graves.

You better be careful how you handle our American flag!


PAULETTE WISEMAN lives at 1122 Bridgette St. in Paris.

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