To the editor:

America, open our eyes and ears. Our God is telling us that He is here to help us. We, has a nation, have shut God out of letting Him take care of us and lead us down the right path.

We think we can do better than God, but we are so wrong. We have let the devil get into our hearts and soul to get a good grip on us.

He’s the one causing all the trouble and chaos in our land, just one thing after the other.

We need to put our guns down, stop killing each other and replace it with love instead of hate and anger. We are all brothers and sisters; I don’t care the color of your skin.

We are God’s children ,we all bleed red, as God the Son died on the cross for all our sins.

Let’s put our hands together as one and look up to Heaven and pray like we never have before, and God will put his armor of His love around us.

And we will fight together and put the devil back in hell where he belongs; he’s not welcome in our great nation.

God helps me write these words, hoping and praying it will touch our heart and soul.

Let God lead you into the light. God loves you, and so do I. God bless all my brothers and sisters. We need to start praying before it’s too late.

Lorene Mullins

110 Hutson Lane


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