To the editor:

On Nov. 6, my 92-year-old uncle was taken to the (Henry County Medical Center) emergency room by ambulance. He asked for his wife, and a young nurse overheard him.

His wife was in a nursing home (Henry County Healthcare Center) across the street. She checked with hospice, and they said it was OK for her to come to the ER.

The nurse’s name is Kayla Watson. My aunt’s and uncle’s names are Buddy and Corrinne Rodgers.

Kayla went to the nursing home and got her. She pushed her back in a wheelchair to the ER. Buddy and Corrinne held hands and said their goodbyes.

He is 92 and she is 88; they have been married 68 years and never been apart. Kayla went beyond her duties. 

She called an EMT and Robert Shell came to take her back to her room with his personal truck, wheelchair and all.

He was very compassionate, as was Kayla. This was extra care that they didn’t have to do.

We hear the bad, but not always the good, so I want to … [recognize] Kayla Watson and Robert Shell for their kindness to an elderly couple.

Buddy spent a week in the hospital and now he is in the nursing home with Corrinne in the same room

Jean Barber

1022 Locust St.


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