“A Chuck Yeager recollection: It’s really neither here nor there as regards President Donald Trump’s remark that planes are getting too complex to fly, but his observation put me in mind of a chance meeting I had with Gen. Chuck Yeager a lot of years ago.

“Old ‘Right Stuff’ was telling a group of kids I was working with about some of the great new flying craft he was still into flying. He told us of one flight that had given him some trouble but the dazzling craft, he said, had quadruple self-flying redundancy so he was never in any real trouble.

“Well, the idea of Chuck Yeager being the backup pilot to four layers of computers that were flying his plane got my attention.

“‘OK, four layers of computer piloting,’ I said to him, ‘but you could shut all that down and fly the plane yourself if you wanted to, right?’

“To which the elderly but ever forward-looking pilot growled with impatience and irritation: ‘Of course, I could — but why would I want to?’

I’m thinking Yeager would still figure any complexities of modern aircraft were for the good, and figuring out and solving any glitches or negatives that might come along just went with the territory and the march forward.” — Clyde Peterson, Houston.


“To find a man’s true character, play golf with him.” — P.G. Wodehouse (1881-1975).


“Owing to some apparent and freakish electronic misstep of a while back, I receive a selected run of Tweets, even though I’m not a Tweeter and didn’t select any of the Tweets I get. On the one hand, it’s interesting to scan some of the Tweet thoughts that show up, while on the other hand, the collective value and depth of the exchanges are about on par with listening to 3-year-olds bickering in a sand box.” — Clyde Peterson, Houston.

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