To the editor:

Oh, the lifestyles of the rich and famous! And who would have guessed the Hollywood stars would have the same paternal instincts shared by the rest of us, “the little people?”

It seems Felicity Huffman only wanted to give her young one a “fair shot” at getting her true talents discovered (evidently, math not being one of them).

So for the cost of a Hollywood spa membership, she had her daughter’s SAT scores rigged.

But the gavel fell hard on her “maternal devotions” that day, my friends, and dented her $20 million bank account with a whopping $30,000 fine (less than half the cost of her husband’s Audi RS 5 Sportsback; what a babe magnet!)

I worked my way through four years of college at Austin Peay State University, Class of ’75, by flipping burgers, washing dishes, mopping floors and emptying 55-gallon garbage cans.

I wouldn’t trade my diploma for all the gold in California, because I earned it honestly.

Maybe during Felicity’s hours of community service, she can learn a little about honesty.

But she’s not going to experience it at the FCI Dublin Low-Security Facility; their French vanilla cappuccinos are a buck-forty. Ouch!

Tony N. Boyd

P.O. Box 97

65 W. College St., Henry

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