To the editor:

The other night, I watched a documentary on CNN about gun violence in the country and, supposedly, the part the NRA has played in this problem.

The most interesting part of the documentary was the way teenagers and young people took to the streets protesting the sale of certain guns and the lack of leadership in the country concerning control of these weapons.

Don’t get me wrong, I agree that some of these weapons should not be sold to just anyone without a professional need.

My main attention was drawn to the enthusiasm these young people exhibited in their protest.

Their concern is the multiple deaths that have been inflicted on many young people by some demonic individuals using these weapons.

My thoughts were drawn to the possibility of the teens and young people of this country marching in protest to the No. 1 problem that causes so many deaths in this category of people, alcohol!

Statistics show:

• 0% of all teenagers admit to drinking alcohol.

• very 15 minutes, a teenager will die because of drunk driving.

• 0% of all teen deaths from car accidents involve alcohol.

These are far worse statistics than gun violence.

Wouldn’t it be great, awesome, wonderful, etc., if the young people of our country would come together in such numbers and protest to such a magnitude that it would bring about the reduction of gun violence and convince the peoples of the need to abstain from alcohol?

It would save so many lives, so much suffering, so much heartache.

Just wondering,

Joe Houston

65 Anderson Dr.


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