To the editor:

This will more than likely be the last time I respond to the racist rants of Tony Kendall.

But I want to share with you readers a few things I have learned about him. The first is that he is a lowlife coward.

A few months ago, I was hospitalized in a diabetic coma, and was told during the ensuing four days in the critical care unit that I came close to losing my life in the ER.

After 5-1/2 days of excellent care by the staff of Henry County Medical Center, I got to go home. The first thing I saw was a personal letter from Mr. Tony Coward!

I was appalled not only by the fact that he had the audacity to send a letter to my home, but also after reading it, I was livid from all the insults, name-calling and unsavory language.

Of course, he couldn’t have had that letter published, because he didn’t want the general public to know that he is a coward without a conscious!

Here are some direct quotes:

1 . “This may be too much for your dim dank white mind to comprehend ….”

2. “It’s something people of your ilk are good at doing.”

3. “I don’t know how much formal education you have ….”

4. Followed closely by “I’m pretty d--- smart and respected in my fields.”

5 “… [E]specially on those days when I have to deal with someone who believes their ‘whiteness’ gives them the privilege to dismiss, treat or judge me as not being their equal.”

6. “What you or anyone outside of the people I care about think of me will never matter to me ….”

This is my response to him:

Tony, you thanked me for reading your columns. I haven’t done that for several months. I have glanced at the headlines, and have only seen the same regurgitated ones from long ago.

You hate President Donald Trump. We get it. I would suggest that you stop submitting your sickening columns until you can come up with a new topic — if indeed you are even capable of an original thought.

I did read one of your recent columns, which exemplified your persistent claims that Barack Obama was a good president, saying, “I felt much of the criticism had more to do with the color of his skin than his politics.”

Wrong! He was known for giving billions of dollars to his Muslim cronies and apologizing to nations around the world for the shabby way the United States treated them.

No President should treat the American people that way! The color of his skin had nothing to do with the fact that he is a spineless lunatic. I guess that’s why you idolize him — birds of a feather flock together.

I have received so many positive responses by mail, phone, notes handed to me and in person, that I find it impossible to believe that anyone is ignorant enough to agree with anything you have to say.

If you were as smart as you think you are, you would graciously resign from your position as resident instigator in.

What “fields” are you in? You must have a cattle farm, since you’re so adept at shoveling bull----.

Suffice it to say that my education overshadows yours. And all your personal letter has accomplished is to take my previous opinion of you to a much lower level.

I had thought you were merely an ignorant, misguided, racist, narcissistic black or brown (your words) man who assumed that because of being published, people agree with you.

Sadly, you’re way off base. And you are so much more dangerous than I had thought. You are a scumbag coward, with obvious sadistic tendencies.

You are a legend in your own mind, but the time has come for you to step down from the golden podium you have constructed for yourself, because since you erected it, it is undoubtedly made of fool’s gold — how apropos.

Insincerely (yes, folks, that is how he signed his letter to me),

Phyllis “P.J.” Robbearts

1601 Cypress Road


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