To the editor:

Every week, my hope rises in anticipation of a more lucid Tea Party column.

This hope is always smothered under a sea of foolish claptrap in the form of repetition of idiotic conspiracy theories, as well as misinterpretation of the U.S. Constitution in particular and history in general.

It is as if the Renaissance, the Enlightenment and ecumenical thought never existed.

The compulsion to paint anyone who thinks for themselves, or at all, as a malevolent humanoid endowed with sufficient intent and wherewithal to tip the fragile, fundamentalist, right-wing Tea Party canoe is sufficiently inbred and unexamined as to qualify as the dust best consigned to history’s ash heap.

This folly should not spew forth weekly like sulfurous fumes from some stagnant subterranean orifice The effects of these noxious vapors are as unwelcome to an open mind, as are the effects of too many green apples to a healthy colon.

I do not expect significant change on part of the Tea Party, but any reduction in the symptoms of their propaganda would be appreciated.

James Davis

250 Hunter Drive, Paris

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