To the editor:

I have watched many “Cops” television shows before it was taken off the air after more than 30 years. It’s your attitude, not your skin color, that forces the police to take you down and handcuff you.

In all my years of watching that show, I saw just as many white people taken down with the knee on their neck as black people. If you argue and challenge the police, you are going to lose! Save your challenge for court.

About 60 years ago, when I was in my 20s, I saw a motorcycle cop in Michigan with his red lights flashing behind me.

I had three people in the car with me, and I told them all to look at my speedometer quick before I stopped.

The officer told me I was speeding, so he issued me a speeding ticket. I didn’t argue with him, jump out of the car and challenge him or run.

I just went to court about it and the ticket was dismissed by the judge. I didn’t get thrown to the ground, cuffed or anything!

Stay calm, don’t argue with the police if you are innocent or guilty. Just do what you are told and you will never be mistreated — if you are black or white.

Just comply and you won’t die. It’s so simple. Try it — guaranteed it will work and you will benefit from it.

I never argue with a police officer. That’s how I was raised. They were my friend then and now. If you dislike the police, why do you call them when you are in trouble or need help?

They have families like all of us. They are just doing their job like you do yours, if you have one.

Police lives matter, too. All lives matter. Try it; it works! I know from experience.

Pete Peterson

120 Kirk’s Trading Post Road


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