To the editor:

My third-grader was excited about Valentine’s Day. I’d completely forgotten the day, and ran out to the store that morning to get some candy for her class. I made sure there was enough for her entire class.

She came home quiet that afternoon. When I asked her what was wrong, she said during recess, one of her friends from another class told her she had not gotten a single Valentine and a few pieces of candy.

She was not sure why this occurred, but sad it happened. It made a good teachable moment for my daughter about empathy and kindness toward others. My 10-year-old quickly made up a surprise bag and gave it to her friend the next day.

Folks, please encourage your child to make certain to include all the kids in the room when handing out things like this, especially at this young age. Same old lesson of old: Not enough for all? Then don’t bring any.

Some kids get left out enough on other things, a school room fun event ought not be one. 

Very respectfully,

Karen Teem

680 Hobby Road


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