“The former prince, Harry, is now pointedly telling folks to drop all that prince stuff and just call him ‘Harry.’ Or then, some of us former residents of the south side of Old Buchanan may choose not to call him at all.” — Clyde Peterson, Houston.


“Whatever people in general do not understand, they are always prepared to dislike; the incomprehensible is always the obnoxious.” — Letitia Landon, English poet (1802-1838).


“Interesting time in history when the earliest steps in seeking the U.S. presidency and convincing folk you are the level head and steady hand to helm the ship of state involves ‘debates’ conducted at the level of ill-mannered and petulant 5-year-olds.” — Clyde Peterson.


“I have noticed that the people who are late are often so much jollier than the people who have to wait for them.” — E.V. Lucas, English writer and publisher (1868-1938).


“Are newspaper ‘opinion’ pages neat or what? Read Dave Vance’s critical piece in The Post-Intelligencer about senate candidate Bill Hagerty and a  “sharia-compliant” hire Mr. Hagerty once made. Wasn’t any too persuaded by Mr. Vance’s column, but it sent me to reading up on things “sharia-compliant,” and for that I thank Mr. Vance and The P-I for having an open and stimulating opinion page.” — Clyde Peterson.

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