To the editor:

 It is sad to see the pictures of the demolishing of the inn at Paris Landing State Park. And so far, I have not warmed to the pictures previously shown to be the artist concepts of the replacement inn.

The replacement just does not fit the persona of Paris Landing. It would look good in the mountains of East Tennessee at a ski resort perhaps, but just seems out of place at Paris Landing on the site intended for its construction.

During last year’s elections, I objected to the destruction of all of the inn, and joined others in requesting a delay in the demolition until after a new state administration had been installed to review more carefully the plans for Paris Landing State Park.

I had proposed a compromise that was to retain and refurbish the central part of the inn — the restaurant, ballroom, front entry with fireplace, etc — that was contained in that one structurally free-standing building part, and to architect the new such as to blend with the retained/refurbished old.

I had observed via personal inspection that some parts of the inn were indeed ready for replacement, when Paris Mayor Carlton Gerrell pointed out to me crumbling concrete in one of the buildings.

I was quite disappointed that Henry County Mayor Brent Greer and the County Commission would not take a stand and pass a resolution urging the delay in demolition until after the election.

Neither my or others, including candidate and now state Rep. Bruce Griffey’s, urging the delay, nor my compromise idea were ever seriously considered by the state. 

Now the former deputy commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC), who was chief of the Tennessee State Parks system, and engineered the destruction of Paris Landing and Falls Creek Falls inns, has been removed from the position for “misconduct.”

So much for those appointed to responsible positions by Republicans!

Richard Carl

1117 Belmont St.


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