To the editor:

Quite some time ago, I vowed to not read any more of Tonv Kendall’s so-called columns.

I also vowed that even if I found one of his headlines extremely disturbing enough to actually read the content, I wouldn’t rise to the bait by responding yet again.

However, his drivel in The Post-Intelligencer on Feb. 6 was such a mockery to all things good, true and fair — I just lost it.

His name-calling of President Donald Trump was literally word for ugly word the same string of expletives that he has used countless times to express his disdain of Trump: “… this racist, bigoted, mysogenistic, xenophobic, lying nativist ….” Give it a rest!

I offered to give Tony a thesaurus so he didn’t have to keep repeating the same words like a blithering idiot, but he probably thought a thesaurus was a book about prehistoric animals!

For someone who claims not to be a racist, the term “white” appeared no less than five times in that ridiculous excuse for journalism. We get it. Tony hates white people, except one.

The general public does not need to have that fact drummed into their Caucasian heads relentlessly, and especially by the biggest racist in this area, Tony Kendall.

His final statement totally cracked me up: The audacity of dopes sometimes! How perfect would that be as the title of any biography written about Tony?

Of course, no one would ever write a book about him, since he’s a nobody. He is merely a legend in his own mind

P.J. Robbearts

1601 Cyprus Road


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