“So, Mary Kate Ridgeway writes in her P-I food column on the history and merits of broccoli. Broccoli! I’ve never met Mrs. Ridgeway, but I fear her position on the broccoli matter means she and I are finished as pals without ever getting started.” — Clyde Peterson, Houston.


“No persons are more frequently wrong than those who will not admit they are wrong.” — Francois, Duc de la Rochefoucauld, French moralist (1613-1680).


“My grandmother read and clipped The Post-Intelligencer every day. Monday, I read and clipped Ms. Helener Currier’s obituary. Some life; some story!” — Clyde Peterson.


“Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.” — Will Rogers, American humorist (1879-1935).


“Talk about a guy who’s totally out of date – I just bought 1) a compact disc of 2) Stephen Foster’s greatest hits.” — Clyde Peterson.


“If you believe that life is worth living, then your belief will create the fact.” — Arthur Miller (1915-2005).

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