“Noticed in Tuesday’s ‘From The P-I files’ feature that 75 years ago, Mr. C. S. Russell was opening his new Pontiac dealership at 822 E. Wood Street here in Paris. That had to be a big deal, ’cause back in the day, a new Pontiac was the equivalent of one of today’s hot new BMW vehicles. Ask an oldster about the pecking order of car brands of long ago — and if they ever caught a ride in a Packard sedan or a Studebaker truck.” — Clyde Peterson, Houston.


“Saw Apple making the news in The P-I with their new, cheaper iPhones — ‘cheaper’ being a $700 phone instead of $750.  I wonder if Apple feels their business model is jeopardized by those of us infected by the ancient Henry County practice of talking to people face-to-face for free?” — Clyde Peterson.


“And on the topic of cash, there’s the item about Jennifer Lopez wearing a $3,400 pair of jeans to a Hollywood film opening. Jeans? Some folks just got a knack for identifying with us common people.” — Clyde Peterson.

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