“Be on the alert! That nerdy looking guy at your door asking if he can cut your lawn just might be former Microsoft guy Bill Gates trying to pick up a few bucks to recover from the financial embarrassment of dropping from being the second richest person in the world all the way down to only the third richest person in the world.” — Clyde Peterson, Houston.


“Life is a lot like jazz — it’s best when you improvise.” — George Gershwin (1898-1937).


“It’s not too soon to ask: Can even President Donald Trump continue producing a sufficient number of ill-advised remarks and acts to sustain and maintain the cable-news talk industry through a second term?” — Clyde Peterson.

“Modo et modo non habebant modum” (By and by never comes). — St. Augustine (A.D. 354-430).


Jane-Coleman Cattone from the Tennessee Historical Commission recently made a presentation on historic preservation at the Paris-Henry County Heritage Center, the place on North Poplar where my cousin Lucille worked for years as a nurse with county health department in the county that provided my most vivid mid-20th century experiences under the tutelage and care of relatives born mostly in 19th century Henry County. Appropriately, Ms. Cattone made her points about historic preservation in a place more than bounteous in golden histories well worth preserving.” — Clyde Peterson.

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