To the editor:

In the past, I have called out the Tea Party column when I thought it appropriate; but, it was never my intention to be the thumb in the eye of the Republican Party.

As such, I must point out the rank, childish disgrace that is Dan Jackson’s column of March 31, 2021.

In this junior high school gossip column, Jackson belittles, berates and verbally assaults Representative Bruce Griffey, Rebecca Griffey, all members of the Henry County Republican Committee and, by extension, the vast majority of District 75 voters who have twice elected Bruce Griffey by vast margins.

Jackson’s tactic was a laundry list of pure gossip, unsubstantiated guesses and hints of secret knowledge of state-level politics.

He admits he does not know any of the Henry County Republican Committee members; but by some twisted logic, he posits his very ignorance gives him license to declare these leaders to be inconsequential nobodies, devoid of community service credentials.

[Besides JC Educational & Office Supply/Professional Office Furniture for Less,] Dan runs a public laundromat and spends much time there striving for loads of success.

This has undoubtedly equipped him with impressive skill sets, such as making change, quick-fixing balky dryers and knowing the straight skinny on fabric softeners.

This doesn’t necessarily equip him to weigh the hearts of people who have entered the arena of public service for the good of our community.

Dan has crossed the clothes line with this most recent jumble of mismatched socks masquerading as fine washeteria linen.

I support “Baby” Bruce Griffey. He knows the will, intentions and goals of the people of the 75th District and strives to serve us.

Soapy Dan Jackson needs to rewash and bleach his perspectives. Good laundrymen don’t throw mud.

James A. Davis

250 Hunter Drive


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