“Did you see The Post-Intelligencer story on that study predicting global warming could kill off great chunks of the planet’s sea life? Expanding on that a bit: I wonder if by any lucky chance Asian Carp might turn out to be among the imperiled heat-sensitive aquatics?” — Clyde Peterson, Houston.

“It takes a long time to understand nothing.” — Edward Dahlberg, American author and critic (1900-1977).

“Displaying their own acumen for the art of the deal, it’s apparently the Poles’ intention is to name the installation in Poland that houses a few thousand American troops ‘Fort Trump.’

• • •

“And while we’re on the names of forts, did you know that our neighbor Fort Campbell is named after Union Army Brig. Gen. William Bowen Campbell, the last Whig Governor of Tennessee?” — Clyde Peterson.

“Perfect order is the forerunner of perfect horror.” — Carlos Fuentes, Mexican author (1928-2012).

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