“Last Monday’s Post-Intelligencer had stories featuring two of Henry County’s living centenarians, Bethel Williams and Mary Ann Crowder. It’s to be hoped that folks are crowding around them and their ilk to hear and record their respective 100-plus years of Henry County histories and experiences. Heck, I even listen to my octogenarian cousin Tony VanDyke’s tales and experiences, even though, by comparison, he’s barely out-the-crib.” — Clyde Peterson, Houston.


“Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live.” — Dorothy Thompson, U.S. author, journalist and radio commentator (1893-1961).


“Saw the AP story in The Post-Intelligencer about the Army National Guard looking for 5,000 fitness instructors and buying about $40 million in exercise equipment to help their 330,000 part-time soldiers meet new physical fitness standards that are coming down the pike. But at the same time Guard folks were wondering if their troops will get with the program and get shaped up?  Times change, but in basic training back in 1960 at Ft. Jackson, a fitness program with no equipment at all and a one-platoon-sergeant fitness motivator, things moved along pretty well.” — Clyde Peterson.

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