“President Donald Trump has backed off on his threat to close the Mexican border, a move that experts said would have had a staggering trade effect on everything from avocados to autos. Close call. I’ve already got a car, but I’m down to my last avocado.” — Clyde Peterson, Houston.


“Scratch a pessimist, and you find often a defender of privilege.” — Lord Beveridge, British economist (1879-1963).


“A bit is being made about the ages of some of the 2020 candidates for president.  By way a review, presidential candidate Ronald Reagan was ‘too old’ when he ran at 69; candidate John McCain was ‘a bit old’ when he ran at 72; now we’ve got a stock of candidates for 2020 ranging up to 77 who are within what is now tagged as ‘acceptable limits.’ And then there’s Jimmy Carter, who at age 94 still has a second term available to him.” — Clyde Peterson.


“The only joy in the world is to begin.” — Italian Cesare Pavese.

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