To the editor:

President Donald Trump is an extreme danger to this country. We all know he has turned farmers into welfare recipients; therein lies the danger.

Our produce rots on the ground because the … people who would harvest it are afraid to come to this country.

We normal Americans have to pay more for our food while his ravenous racists yell,”Build that wall.”

He has shut the government down because he didn’t get his way about his vanity wall, and the farmers and about 800,000 government workers are not getting paid.

He and his base feel that’s OK because they’re Democrats. He embarrasses normal people while his ravenous, racist base eats up all his lies.

He gets in a dither because someone asked him if he was working for Russia. What a joke! Of course he’s working for Russia. Putin told him to divide this country, which he has done.

He wants a wall to show his ravenous racists he is on their side. This country has survived for 200-plus years without a wall.

The truth is illegal immigration is down from years ago. Mexico has plenty of work for its people.

We don’t have $5 billion-plus for Trump’s vanity wall. If we do, why are veterans sleeping in the streets?

Terrorists are not coming from our southern border like he and his ravenous racists believe. Have they all forgotten that the 9/11 terrorists came from Saudi Arabia, not Mexico?

He gasses … children and locks them in cages. He is not a Christian, he’s a moron with the nuclear codes — and I hope you remember that in 2020.

Trish Seimo

308 Edgewood St., Paris

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