To the editor:

Failure of leadership, and it’s coming straight from the Henry County mayor’s office. For more than a year, Brent Greer, then John Penn Ridgeway were excellent in mandating masks to combat the corona virus.

But where was that steady leadership when Chinese space junk was falling from the sky? Where was the mandate that Henry Countians strap protective padding to our heads or wear helmets in case of falling objects? Our school-age children weren’t practicing duck and cover.

Mayor Ridgeway, you have failed us. But there’s hope. I soon expect more mandates from him in the vein of, “We must do something, even if it’s ineffective and silly.”

There are plenty of mandates that he could issue to redeem himself, such as, “No running with scissors.” “No going outside with wet hair.” “No chewing with your mouth open.” And so on.

Ridgeway, your nanny state mask mandate could be just the beginning of a long list of great mandates for our citizens. Please, think on this and do better.

Richard Griffin

204 S. Lake St.


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