To the editor:

President Donald Trump has been widely criticized for the manner in which he withdrew troops from Syria, from abandoning the Kurds to giving away Syrian land to Turkey.

After carefully considering these claims, and based on news reports and documentaries from the last several years, as well as general knowledge, I have developed a different theory concerning this subject.

Trump was educated at a military boarding school. It is logical to assume that in this scenario, he learned something about military tactics.

I doubt that the withdrawal was based on a whim, as some reports have claimed.

Several years ago, Russia invaded Ukraine. One of the primary purposes was because Russia wanted a naval base on the Black Sea.

They succeeded in this endeavor. Turkey is on the opposite shore of the Black Sea.

The United States has satellites as well as other means of intelligence that keep track of military movements around the world.

The president has daily security meetings to keep him up to date on any of these events that could pose a risk.

The media and general public are not privileged to this information, but it would seem probable that Trump was aware of the buildup of Turkish and Russian troops along the Syrian border.

He also was likely aware that the few hundred American soldiers in the area, even with the help of the Kurds, were no match for the number of troops on the other side of the border.

When Trump announced that he was withdrawing troops from northern Syria, It was only a matter of hours until Turkish and Russian troops crossed the border into Syria.

U.S. troops had not even completely evacuated the area. It would have been impossible to also evacuate millions of ordinary Kurd citizens in that length of time.

Trump did have at least two other options, neither one of them good. He could have moved troops from other areas of the Middle East, but that could have left those areas vulnerable.

He also could have ordered aerial attacks on the Turkish and Russian positions from U.S aircraft carriers in the area, but that would have increased U.S. involvement in the area and escalated the chances of all-out war.

Regardless of which option he chose, Trump would have been criticized for his decision. Because of these circumstances, I do not believe the United States can continue to consider Turkey to be our friend.

I have one final question for anyone who has read this article: How would you feel about going to war with Russia?

Carla Singleton

3850 Clifty Road


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