To the editor:

The recent shooting at a Gilroy, Calif., festival gives rise to several questions that most media channels will attempt to answer.

They will mention that the 19-year-old who committed this horrific crime purchased an AK-47 style rifle in Nevada. The gun he bought looked like an AK-47, but was semi-automatic.

Why mention this? Was it important? Any weapon used in a criminal act is still a crime, and people can be hurt!

The media over the next several days will attempt to give a reason for his criminal actions. Some will blame the manner he was raised.

Their most likely reason was he could play those violent video games as a child, or perhaps his parents didn’t give him the proper attention that he needed; maybe he was bullied at school.

Yes, they will try to find a reason for his actions. After all, a rational person would not commit this horrifying deed.

Looking at his social media accounts will give us the insight of what type a person he was and what guided his actions at this little town’s festival.

Contrary to every Christian’s belief, he wrote that Jesus was a devil. One must wonder how this young person came to this conclusion.

He didn’t learn this teaching at a church, and this brings me to the reason for writing this.

The reason for his actions was he was un-churched. He wasn’t taught a belief in the Almighty at home, at school and perhaps not by his peers.

It is a shame that even in our local school system teachers nor students can mention the word, God. If you bring his name up, some students will even correct you for using it.

In this West Coast, ultra-liberal state that this criminal resides in, this most likely is the same custom.

This evildoer had natural law infused in him at birth, but God’s law was never taught to him.

In other words, he knew killing a fellow human being was wrong, but didn’t have any idea what a murderer encountered in the afterlife.

He was never informed of heaven or hell, nor how God judges one’s actions placing them in either place according to their good or evil deeds.

Yes, unfortunately, this criminal didn’t have a proper religious education, which had a negative effect that caused his immoral actions.

The other heartbreaking reality is that many Henry County children are being taught in the same manner by the depraved, godless society that surrounds them.

Jesus said you could only serve one master, either Him or the devil.

If you want your child to reach adulthood with an ethical, moral compass, take them to church to learn of God’s love and mercy for all of us.

They need to know that their actions have consequences, here and in the afterlife.

Please say prayers for these victims of this heinous act and their family members.

Tom Fairchild

7260 Hwy. 140W


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