To the editor:

Shame on The Post-Intelligencer for not looking closely at your “I Shoulda never left Buchanan” in the May 18 paper about “one of the best P-I pictures ever tooken.”

“One of the best P-I pictures ever taken” is the right tense — not “tooken.”

Shame on Clyde Peterson; he should have known better.

Christine Grisham

425 Sandy Beach Road


EDITOR’S NOTE: While you are certainly correct that proper grammar would require “taken,” this feature on our opinion page is former Henry Countian Clyde Peterson’s rhyming poetry outlet. A hint of what’s to come is in the feature’s title, which includes “shoulda” instead of “should’ve” or “should have.” And we give him a ve-e-e-e-ry wide latitude in forcing words to rhyme. He wanted “taken” to rhyme with “looking,” and wound up with “tooken” and “lookin’.” Yes, we looked closely — then looked the other way. Just chuckle at his rhymes and search for his deeper meaning.

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