To the editor:

I often feel compelled to write a letter to the editor, but have rarely done so. This one I must do.

On Aug. 9, my dad, 95-year-old W.C. Elkins, had his car break down on the inter-connector [Veterans Drive] here in Paris. My step-mom was driving and the serpentine belt, which ran most everything, broke.

A nice local man moved it to a side street. As I was coming back from Murray, I saw his car and someone working on it.

Mike Camadey and officer Z. Carper … were doing all they could to get a new belt on, which Mr. Camadey had gone to … [an auto parts store] and purchased with his own money.

These youngsters worked nearly an hour in the hot sun trying to keep him from paying a towing bill. This young officer was there getting his hands dirty, not just watching.

Then along came Angel Vasques, … [the auto parts store’s] parts manager, who sold him the belt. It was determined the belt was too short as there are more than one for a ’97 Buick.

He took the vehicle identification number and drove me to … [the aforementioned auto parts store] to get the correct one.

The other young men had to leave and, with Vasques’ knowledge, the two of us repaired his car in the hot sun and rain.

When we got back … I found out this fine young man was on his lunch hour and was trying to help a fellow veteran.

All of these young men thanked my dad for his combat service in World War II. Dad was a former grand marshal at the Veterans Parade here in Paris.

Not one of these men, who were young enough to be my sons or grandsons, would accept a dime for their hard work that hot summer day. This was altruism to the highest degree.

There were also two black men who stopped and asked if we needed help.

In conclusion, two young white men, one Hispanic and two black men were all willing to give their time and effort to help out a 95-year old-veteran.

I wear my “Make America Great Again” hat with pride. Now I need one that says “America is great again.” This event almost sounds made up, even to me.

Dennis Elkins

209 Fairview St.


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