To the editor:

I am seriously irritated. Our children can’t go to class and sit next to one another, walk in the hallway next to one another, eat lunch with their friends and sit next to them or even go to school on the same day as them, for that matter.

[They] can’t go to school without wearing a stupid mask, but they can practice and play football, have football games, people sitting in the stadium seats where distancing is “recommend.”

Football players sweating and not wearing mask less than 6 feet apart and handling a ball by several different people — how is that even remotely feasible when they are supposed to have all of these safety precautions in place?

How is that a safety procedure when you have so many factors taking place that are not safety-related.

It just irritates the (stuffings) out of me that [in] my son’s senior year, so much (stuff) has taken over because of this COVID (stuff), when I personally think it’s a bunch of (silliness) anyway, because to me, it’s no more than a strain of the flu.

Yes, if you get it it’s serious, if you have underlying issues, and so is the flu, but I’ve had family in other states have it and have stated it’s no different than having the flu, and she’s a nurse and has asthma and COPD.

But the kids can’t go to school with their friends, sit with anybody or next to someone. These football players can come in contact with a sweaty ball, sweaty people, no mask, and that’s OK.

And the stadium can be full of people who are “recommended” to social distance. That doesn’t mean they are doing it, and that’s OK because it’s football.

I’m just so over this (stuff), because as long as it’s football, it’s OK, but to h--- with the kids who are seniors and being denied their senior memories.

I guess [it’s] because football is more important to Henry County than kids are. We would rather have a state championship than a happy senior class.

Lisa Howard

217 S. McDonald St.


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