To the editor:

Another excellently written column was in the July 2 edition of The Post-Intelligencer on the opinion page.

Mrs. [Christine] Barr hit the GOP right on the head [with “Want to know why I don’t call myself a Republican any more? Let me explain.”]

It is not the Republican Party any longer. It is the Trump party.

We are supposed to respect the office, but I cannot. If I were still in the Army, I could not salute the president.

I have absolutely no respect for Trump with no integrity, humility or compassion, but is vindictive. The GOP has no spine (backbone) to stand up as a conservative party.

I am especially disturbed with people, whom I previously respected, to find out their support of a man with no character. I question their intelligence.

There is a reason the Russians supported Trump; his supporters don’t ask why.

I am sure she would have had more to say if she had … [seen] the salute Trump … [gave] for himself on the Fourth of July!

I am not a Republican. I was raised in the ’50s and still believe the Republicans are for the rich and the Democrats are for the working man.

Everything that has been done for the past two years is for the rich.

Trump claims full responsibility for the economy. We all agree the economy is doing great and has been for the past decade — that’s 10 years. Obama had nothing to do with it?

Wake up, America!

Dale Bieschke

495 Sunnyside Dr.


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