To the editor:

I am a 92-year-old man, a Christian, and am ashamed at the way our once Christian United States of America has become.

It’s hard to understand why an 18-year-old boy could have such hate in his heart and mind to shoot his grandmother in the face and then kill 19 young students and two teachers in a Texas school.

… President Joe Biden made the show of compassion, going to Texas where the killing took place, but how can one show honest compassion for those children and their parents and families when he is promoting killing thousands of live babies in their mothers’ wombs?

“Mothers’ rights” does not give people the right to kill innocent babies that God created. God’s word says “I knew them before they were born.” If they have a beating heart, they are a living being “in his image.”

God gave us dominion over animals, but not human babies.

God’s plan is one husband and one wife joined together as one and raising their children in a Christian home.

God has a plan and purpose for each life he has created. What if Mary had aborted Jesus, or the mothers of Abraham, Moses, John, Billy Graham? Or Thomas Edison or Henry Ford?

I believe when we take it in our hands not guided by God, we will be punished. Are we being punished now?

I believe there is a heaven and hell. We need to make the right decisions now.

Paul Copeland

821 Memorial Drive


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