To the editor:

Dear Editor,

On Feb. 28, I opened up the day’s Post-Intelligencer and found Tony’s Kendall’s column.

At first, I believed it to be just more of the same. President Donald Trump and the Republicans are evil, racist, going to return the country to the days of Jim Crow or worse, put all blacks, women, and Latinos into slavery, then destroy the planet with wars, racism, politics and pollution, which will lead us into World War III and that post-apocalyptic nightmare world which seems to be the theme of every other movie, video and TV pilot.

Then, as I read it, I realized it was more than just the usual column we’ve been reading since Election Day 2016 — a lot more, and a lot worse.

Mr. Kendall was writing about the political mess in Virginia and the line of succession for state office. The governor appeared in [either Klan robes or] blackface in a medical school yearbook. This puts him into the category of a crazy fool who shouldn’t be in office in the first place, or in other words, a perfect candidate for the Democrats.

The lieutenant governor [there] has been accused of sexual abuse. The category he goes into is being treated like Bill Clinton by the Democrats and the national media, and given more benefit of the doubt than Supreme Court Justice Brent Cavanaugh was ever given. The attorney general appeared in another university yearbook in blackface. For his category, please see the one for governor.

The next in line is the Speaker of the House. Unlike the other three in this story, he has not appeared in blackface, has no crimes charged against him and appears to be on the up and up.

However, Mr. Kendall doesn’t want him as the next governor of Virginia. Why not? Because he’s a Republican. That’s right. Mr. Kendall would rather have one of the other three in office than have a Republican.

It not only shows how much he’s willing to overlook for the Democrats, [but also] it is systematic of the bias and down right hate toward Republicans, which we are seeing across the country.

I have a theory on that subject.

Let’s say there’s a major award show, Oscars, Emmys, whichever, from Hollywood or New York.

Then let’s say the host for what has become a leftist gabfast, himself a big-time liberal who has donated his time and money to all the politically acceptable leftist causes that are currently popular, announces and introduces to the audience President Ronald Reagan’s 1981 would-be assassin, John Hinckey.

My theory is that at least 25 percent of the audience would give him a standing ovation. That is how much Republicans are hated. It is only going to get worse — much, much worse.

Michael Skaggs

185 McClains Road


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