To the editor:

Dear Chief Chuck Elizondo,

We would like to bring to your attention the actions of two of your Paris police officers.

On Jan. 18, while on a routine traffic stop, these officers noticed our American flag [at K & B Supplies for Success, 312B N. Market St.] had been detached by the strong winds.

These officers, Jamie James and Chad Andrews, took the time to pick up the flag, fold it properly and secured it to our door so it would not fall to the ground.

We want to make you aware of this act of kindness and respect. We want to thank them and let them know how we appreciate them and their fellow officers.

So many people are quick to point out shortcomings, but fail to praise those officers going above and beyond their daily duties.

Officers James and Andrews are a wonderful examples of dedicated public servants.


Brenda Evans

214 Cherry St., Puryear


EDITOR’S NOTE: The letter also was signed by her brother and business partner, Kevin Buie.

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