To the editor:

A week or two ago, I heard my husband (who was several rooms away from me) spew forth this question: “That guy is a total freaking idiot, isn’t he?”

I responded immediately with a hearty “Yes,” knowing immediately the person of whom he spoke, Tony Kendall, the biggest liar and racist on this planet.

I am so sick and tired of this pathetic excuse of a human, being allowed space in this newspaper to single-handedly attempt to start a race riot in a community that we have come to love.

Having forced myself many times to avoid reading his misguided opinions (and that is all he writes), but a couple weeks ago, as well as today, I was lured into his web of deceit by the inflammatory headlines of what this paper jokingly calls an opinion page.

This jerk doesn’t deserve an entire half page in any publication, simply so he can spout solely his maniacal opinions.

To begin with, his accusation that President Donald Trump incited the rioting at the Capitol once again proves that he just makes stuff up to make it sound like he wants it to sound.

Trump asked for a peaceful protest. And news flash, Tony, the FBI found and publicized irrefutable proof that these riots were planned domestic terrorists, beginning on Dec. 23, 2020.

They were prepared to riot regardless of any other factors that might come into play that day.

Being an avid reader, I was very confused when T.K. asserted called Trump supporters The Cult. Never heard that term before; so, yet again, he just makes stuff up to sound like he’s tuned into current affairs.

I don’t know about some of you, but I know the majority of sane people aren’t fooled.

I have also had my fill of this black and brown mantra of his. He used the same meaningless term no less than eight times in his last ridiculous rant.

If he honestly can’t come up with any equivalent terms for himself and the few other deaf, dumb and blind people who agree with his skewed opinions, I would be glad to supply a few choice ones for him.

It would behoove T.K. to take a lesson from the talented and revered Morgan Freeman, who said “I don’t want a black history month. Black history is American history. There is no white history month. The only way to end racism is to stop talking about it.”

But, as everyone who has suffered through his blatant racism understands by now, if anything is said by anyone other than the self-important jerk that he is, it’s fake news.

I am so very tired of the maniac wasting newspaper space every week. Read Kayla Glover’s health column instead. She knows what she’s talking about.

Her information is real and she presents it very nicely. And not once has she referred to white, tan, ecru, beige and cream-colored people.

In short, give it up, Tony. Sop your very tedious ravings. The entire State of Tennessee is smarter and much more rational than you.

Thank God you can’t change anyone’s opinion to your vile way of thinking (or more accurately, non-thinking.) If you feel you must write, try fairy tales or comic books. Your columns have been 99% fiction anyway.

Phyllis “P.J.” Robbearts

1601 Cypress Road


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